Show Us The Cars You Aren't Allowed To Buy

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If societal norms and insurance costs didn’t exist, my garage would be pretty wild and stupid. Im sure many of you are in the same boat. Everyone has that car that the dream about but for whatever reason, they can’t buy one just yet. Homeowner’s Associations, plain ol’ reason and more can get in the way of automotive dreams. It’s probably for the best.


I really want a fourth generation Corvette but because my insurance company is run by actual humans and not a sentient leather jacket, I cannot afford one at the moment. My aviator glasses budget is also spent for the whole year. So until I can prove to State Farm that I’m not “just an idiot with $6,000 and an eBay Motors account,” I’ll just have to window shop for now.

Show us the cars that the world is telling you that you can’t have. We are here for you to grieve and vent if necessary.

Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.

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It’s all about responsibility, man.

Oil burning and reliability issues aside, I am 100% convinced that I could make an RX-8 work as my daily driver, even as I haul around our two kids while my wife works out of town. The kidlets would love every crazy detail in it, and it’s a car I always coveted. But my spouse has veto power on how we spend our money (as do I) and she won’t let me get something with such a small back seat, and she is car-savvy enough to know that an RX-8 owner needs more time or money than I’ve got.  

And she’s right-our kids are long legged. This is the same reason I reluctantly sold our 2002 Insight (I’m that kind of Jalop)... it had no back seat at all. We just don’t have the means nor the parking space for me to have a weekend pleasure car. So it’s my second submission.

But my consolation prize isn’t too bad - she’s on board with us getting a new Accord with a manual. As a daily dad mobile it is not too shabby at to drive, sporty, and huge back seat. And when the kids move out I can get something all for me!!!!