How Much Will This Super Clean 5,664-Mile 1994 Toyota Supra Sell For?

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Clean, unmodified Toyota Supra Turbos have always commanded hefty price tags, but the market is starting to make air-cooled 911s look like Craigslist Honda Civic beaters. As I browse the website where the Jalopnik staff wastes most of its time during the workday—Bring A Trailer—I can only wonder what this ultra-un-messed-with 1994 Supra with just 5,664 miles will end up fetching.

The Supra in question is easily one of the nicest and best-looking examples of this car I’ve seen for sale in a while. It’s had three owners and the current one has put just 150 miles on it.

Some more details:

It was purchased new for a private collection in Tennessee and reportedly remained with the original owner’s son until 2016. Power comes from a twin-turbocharged 3.0L 2JZ GTE inline-six mated to an automatic transmission, and the car is described as having been kept stock throughout. A new battery, tires, and oil filter have been installed, and this Supra is now being offered by a dealer in Maryland with factory books and manuals, an original Toyota dealership folder with a business card, the factory window sticker, a pre-delivery checklist, a tool kit, two sets of keys, a clean Carfax, and a clean Tennessee title.


It even has the window sticker that shows it went for $47,795 when new. Believe it or not, that’s about $84,000 in today’s money, because inflation is a bitch.


It’s an automatic, because of course it’s an automatic. (Just like the new one! Sigh.) This makes sense. All of the really good, clean manual Supras were used up by the time 2 Fast 2 Furious came out, I believe.

Now, the question is price: how much will it go for in the end? As of this writing it has six days to go, and the current bid’s already $50,000. Will it rise much more than that? Similar models have gone for about the same on BaT. From one of their readers on that car:

Same car was going for $35k 2-3 years back and now you can’t find one in this condition for less than $45k.


Yet as much as I love old Supras, I have to wonder if the four-speed slushbox will keep this thing from really raking in the dough. And are these things overrated? Fifty grand is an awful lot for one, but I don’t see them going down in price anytime soon.

What’ll it end up going for? I’m taking bets now. The winner gets a ride in the car. (I’m kidding, that’s not up to me. But you can ask.)