Friends, I am still mourning our loss of the Dodge Viper, a king of the road in its own right. And though the car might be no more, at least its birthplace will be put to good use.

Last year, Maserati’s headquarters moved from New Jersey to the former Walter P. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The collection of about 400 cars and concepts that were housed at the museum, which was closed in 2012, were cleared out and stored in several places. They need a new home and that home will be the old Viper factory, according to a company press release.


About 77,000 square feet of the 400,000 square-foot factory will be transformed into display space, with 22,000 square feet reserved as meeting space. The rest of it will be used for cars that aren’t being shown.

FCA says that, “It is expected that the facility, built in 1966, could also open its doors to the public in the future.”

Well, that sounds nice! We could soon be able to see old and classic cars in the same building where some of the greatest American muscle cars ever made were built. It’s fitting.

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