Prove You’re The Bro-iest Of Bros By Buying The Last Dodge Challenger Demon And Viper At Auction

Are you the bro-iest of Dodge bros? Do you wake up with chest hair growing in a pattern that spells “MOPAR OR NO CAR” and attribute Chrysler-made vehicles’ door handles breaking off in your hands to your PURE BRUTE STRENGTH? Then you should get your MOPAR (OR NO CAR) ready for a road trip, because the last Dodge…

Mustang—Wait, Sorry, It Was Actually A Viper—Crashes At Cars And Coffee

Another weekend, another crash at a Cars and Coffee event. We were lucky this time, with no apparent injuries as the car narrowly avoided a crowd and spun into a tree instead. But it’s yet another sad, terrifying incident involving a Ford Must—*adjusts glasses*—oh wait, it was a Dodge Viper this time, actually.