Photo: Michael Ballaban/Jalopnik

The Tesla Model 3 is not only futuristic, it feels surprisingly normal. But what is normal, really? Last time we were only able to drive a Model 3 for a few hours, but this time, we got a whole weekend. So go ahead and ask us anything you want about it.

(Full Disclosure: Tesla wanted us to drive a Model 3 so bad.... hahahaha, just kidding you guys. Only jokes. Tesla still doesn’t want us to drive one. We rented one on Turo with our own goddamned money, and you can rent the car we rented right here. Elina, the owner, is great. Yes, Raph photoshopped the plate.)

What I Liked

  • Autopilot is still, far and way, the best semi-autonomous system you can get right now
  • Silky-smooth, instant-torque acceleration
  • These seats are the one true successor to the Volvo S60 seats, the greatest seats of all time
  • The steering provides weirdly good feedback. Seriously, you actually feel the road. Most electric steering setups are just dead, but this one isn’t bad.


Things I Didn’t Like

  • Everything is in the center tablet. Everything. The speedometer. Side-view mirror adjustments. Indicator lights. Everything. It’s very distracting, especially if you need to adjust something. Will someone crash because of it? Who knows!
  • God it needs a Heads-Up Display

Got any questions? Drop them in the comments below!