The 1989 Mazda TD-R
Photo: Mazda

Today Mercedes looked upon its own works and despaired, recognizing in a brief moment of self-awareness that, hey, maybe having 40 models is enough. Or if it’s not enough, it’s pretty damn close. Bah! BAH. It can do more. It can do so much more.

Again, here’s Mercedes’ blink into the mirror, likely spurred on by realizing that the Mercedes-AMG GT four-door and the CLS are the same car:

“There are not that many niches left to fill,” is really a great quote to get from an auto exec, I have to say.

Intrepid reader Rosin wasn’t having it, though. Not for one minute:


This is the right take. The number of niches yet to be filled is far beyond Mercedes’ scope of a couple coupe-ey sedans and hunchback SUVs. That’s weak, man. Once Benz makes a midengine two-seat crossover then it can talk.