Watch A Hit-And-Run Driver Get Instant Karma In The Form Of A Sledgehammer

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An Infiniti QX70 driver in Miami crashed into a bunch of cars, and then apparently tried to escape. But a group of angry citizens ran him down, and wrecked his already-crashed SUV, with one guy using a sledgehammer to inflict the karmic, vigilante justice.

ABC Local 10 has this whole shitshow on camera, with the scene beginning moments after the Infiniti drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into “several cars”:


After the driver puts the SUV—whose front fascia is dangling from the crash— into reverse, and tries heading down a side street, a number of people begin banging on the car, trying to get the driver to stop. One guy breaks the passenger-side door handle off, and another appears to shove a pistol into his pocket as he approaches the car.

Towards the end of the video, a guy from a Chevrolet Express cargo van breaks out a sledgehammer and does work on the Infiniti’s windows. Here’s a look at just the window-smashing:


Police confirmed yesterday that there had been a hit-and-run arrest at that very location, but said that luckily, there were no injuries, according to the Miami Herald.

There’s no word on what exactly prompted the driver to try to escape what seemed like a pretty inescapable situation, but the result is a thoroughly wrecked Infiniti. And while we can’t really endorse this style of vigilante justice (at the very least, chasing down every hit-and-run driver you see with a sledgehammer seems tiring, among numerous other issues), and chasing anyone down with a sledgehammer will likely make them run if they haven’t started running already, we’re glad the authorities eventually caught up to the whole scene.