Florida Highway Patrol Car Caught Racing A Lamborghini Aventador On Video

Video showing what clearly appears to be a Florida Highway Patrolman in a Highway Patrol Dodge Charger lining up alongside a Lamborghini Aventador and racing down the road is now under investigation.


The video originally quickly went viral on Instagram after being uploaded Monday, and here’s the footage from NBC2 News on YouTube (via The Drive):

According to the accompanying report from NBC2 News, Florida Highway Patrol has launched an investigation into the video, and won’t reveal any further information about the incident until the investigation is completed.

I don’t care how cool the Mad Max movies are, it’s not cool for police to go racing cars on the open road like this in real life. Especially considering how many tickets the Highway Patrol likes to write, and especially when they should know they’re definitely going to lose, like racing a V12 Aventador in a Dodge.

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik



I think the guy that filmed this is a snitch and I hope every car he ever owns suffers from constant electrical gremlins as karmic payback.

It’s a short drag on a wide-open interstate. They’re not running stop/starts through a subdivision, for Christ’s sake.