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Russian Plane Loses $378 Million In Gold After Door Breaks Upon Takeoff

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A plane in Russia carrying $378 million worth of gold, platinum and diamonds lost its cargo on Thursday after its door broke off upon takeoff, according to The Moscow Times. I’m sure the pilot feels great today.


Images posted on Twitter showed a runway with gold and platinum scattered about, while police secured and cordoned off the area. Airport officials told a local news agency that strong winds blew off the door of a Nimbus Airline An-12 cargo plane in the very, very cold city of Yakutsk, in east Siberia.

The plane made an emergency landing in a village about 12 kilometers from Yakutsk, reported the Moscow Times. Some gold fell out as far as 26 kilometers away from the airport, according to the Siberian Times.


At least 172 bars of gold had been recovered, one government official reportedly told the state-run TASS news outlet. In total, the estimated luggage was worth $378 million.

The Siberian Times said the cargo was reported to be owned by Chukota Mining and Geological company, and 75 percent of the company is owner by Canadian Kinross Gold.

I wish I had a plane of gold.