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Drop everything, this is a national emergency. A recall is sweeping the United States of America, a recall that affects all Pagani Huayra Coupe BCs and Roadsters. Please be advised.


The recall was submitted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month and states that 100 percent of the Coupe BCs and Roadsters are affected. It reports that there is a “bug in the battery management software” that could stop the engine while it’s idling or will prevent it from starting at all.

Serious stuff.

Pagani says that it’s not aware of any cases of injury or death because of this defect, but we should all still be on high alert.


The total number of affected cars comes to: 16.

This has been your emergency broadcast for today. If you are out and about and come across a Pagani Huayra BC or Roadster, please make sure that it gets its battery fixed. Thank you and have a safe day.

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