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The Hoonigans bought a lousy $200 Miata with questionable mods and history, but never quite fell in love with it. It wasn’t fun to rip around their yard and took too much time away from their first love, a beat-up $350 BMW E36 named Shitcar. So, they made it into a “deathkart,” which is the most delightful revenge you can get against a car you hate.

What was once a dumpy little Miata has been transformed from a gutless wonder that sucked at donuts into a giant go-kart for grownups. It has a drivetrain and the basic pan of the Miata left, but not much else. They’re still calling it “Shartkart” as a nod to its humble crapcan origins, but it’s exactly the kind of cool budget build that you should totally try at home.


To christen their new creation, the Hoonigans had a good ol’ fashioned hoon-off (deemed “Shartfest”) in their lot. I daresay they might actually approve of this car now!

The coolest part of the whole Shartkart adventure is the fact that they documented their entire Miata-to-deathkart transformation—just in case you’re interested in building one yourself. The entire build playlist is here, and it looks like they had a ton of fun putting this thing together.

I mean, they basically get to destroy the thing they loathed in the process of making it into a deathkart. Who can hate that?


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