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Independence Day is not a holiday known for its subtlety. Anything less than the loudest, craziest celebration you can muster is simply un-American! Thus, there is no better way to toast America’s birthday than by covering a cheap car in fireworks and killing some tires.

Yet again, it’s a BMW showing America how it’s done. First, the crew at Hoonigan vastly improved the $350 BMW 3-series they’ve lovingly deemed “ShitCar” with an American flag paint job. After all, there’s no better symbol of the great promise and opportunity in this nation than our great bounty of cheap beaters.


Then they got to town covering it in fireworks and unleashed a display so patriotic, I just cried an entire bald eagle out of my tear ducts in awe.

And the rockets’ red glare
Bombs bursting in Hert’s hair
Gave proof through the night
That our ShitCar’s still there


If there was ever any doubt that America is a great nation, look no further than the ingenuity of our hoons.

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