I’m not exactly sure what Mitch Smith Chevrolet of Cullman, Alabama did to piss off the Ice Gods, but, damn, they must have done something. That’s the only way to explain this bombardment of baseball-sized hail beating the crap out of their Camaros and other Chevys.

Here, look at this security footage:

Yikes. If you go to 0:34, you can see the moment where that middle Camaro gets its rear window shattered; the one on the right is already broken.


The hail lasted about 20 minutes, and in that time nearly 400 cars were damaged. And, no, you can’t get a fantastic, hail-damage deal, at least not until the insurance adjusters come and look at everything and shake their heads and pray, pray, pray to the almighty Ice Gods, in their Crystalline Castle, to have pity on us warn humans.

All hail the Ice Gods, long may they freeze.

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