Next week kicks off the 2018 New York Auto Show, and there will be some cars. But we love you, the readers, even more than we love (some) cars. So we’re throwing a New York party. There will be beers! Blipshift will also be there. And you should be there with us, too. At a bar.

The press days for the show this year are on Wednesday and Thursday, and by Thursday evening all we want to do is relax, talk some car stuff, and have a beer, so we’re going to do just that.


We’ll be at Bar Veloce in the West Village (is that the West Village? It’s kinda like NoHo... sorta... doesn’t matter) from 6 p.m. onwards, and we’ll be joined by our friends at Blipshift. They’ll also be selling some sweet, sweet merch.

No seriously, it looks good:

Mmmm yeah. Let’s look at it in closer detail:


Yep, that’s everything you need right there for a proper unicorn. A Jalopnicorn, even. A brown diesel manual wagon, with power going to the rear wheels. Slap a turbo on there too, why not.

Can’t come to the party? Blipshift will be selling the shirt online starting at noon on Thursday, March 29 (through Monday, April 2 at 11:59 PM, precisely) right here so you can still snag one.


Oh, I didn’t mention the best part. Stickers. Jalopnik stickers. And beer. Lots of beer. Free beer, in fact, provided from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. by Peroni. Yum, beer.

You better hurry and RSVP now, though. You don’t even need to pay a door charge. This is a smaller, more intimate gathering, and we’ve got a maximum capacity of 50 people, so RSVP soon. You know we want to see your beautiful faces.


Once more, here are the deets:

Location: Bar Veloce West Village - 796 Greenwich St

When: Thurs, March 29, 6-9 PM

Tickets: No

RSVP: Yes (50 max)

Free beer: from 6 PM to 7 PM only! Provided by Peroni!

RSVP: Here


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