The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake that hit Japan was one of the largest ever recorded. Even now, seven years later, the region is still recovering. To aid recovery efforts, Nissan is using old batteries from the Leaf to pitch in.

Teaming up with a company called 4R Energy Corporation, Nissan will use used batteries from its Leaf electric car to create public lighting for the town of Namie’s residents. The project is called “The Reborn Light.”

The new streetlights will be powered by a combination of the batteries and solar panels. Nissan says that it’s a new type of outdoor lighting that doesn’t need cables or outlets or to hook up to the main power grid. It’s testing a prototype later this month and will install the new lights later this year.


Life has been returning to Namie since the devastating earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima meltdown, according to this story in New Scientist. It was an unimaginable tragedy and it’s good to see that people are returning to a place they once made their home.

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