Hey, Look, I Found The Creepiest Auto Accessory Ever

People love to customize their cars, and they absolutely should. If changing something about your car or adding something to it makes you love your motion-driving machine more, then have at it. That said, I have no idea why you’d want to make your car look like it was bleeding from its taillight sockets, but, in case you do, there’s a cheap and easy way to make that weird dream real. Weirdo.

Yes, for about a dollar you can get a bunch of stickers that simulate blood leaking from part of your car. If your goal for your car has always been to have something that suggested a pretty serious medical problem, this is a fantastic way to do just that.


Alternately, if you just want to help lend credence to the idea that taillights are red because their plastic housings are filled with blood, these stickers are a great way to achieve that as well.

If you want your car to suggest that you’re a well-adjusted adult, then maybe these aren’t the solution for you. Try a nice rally stripe kit instead.

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