7/31/2018 - This Pickup Truck Has Secrets

7/31/2018 - Slammed Toyota Priuses Are Good

7/31/2018 - These Production Stills From the Original The Fast and the Furious Are Amazing

7/31/2018 - Comment of the Day: Just Drain the Ocean and Drive Like an SR-71 Edition 

7/31/2018 - Aeromexico Flight Crashes Shortly After Takeoff, 101 Aboard Reportedly Survive With 97 Injured (Updated)

7/31/2018 - Tesla's Alleged 'Saboteur' Files $1 Million Defamation Suit Against Automaker

7/31/2018 - This 2018 Study Lists Which Cars People Keep The Longest

7/31/2018 - Here's the Anatomy of a Racing Pit Stop in Slow Motion

7/31/2018 - How I've Been Saving Money On My 1979 Jeep Cherokee Golden Eagle Project

7/31/2018 - Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Track Day Tires

7/31/2018 - Just How Far Can You Push an Electric Car Battery?

7/31/2018 - You Can Now Learn More About Ferrari With This Reasonable $30,000 Book

7/31/2018 - The Tiny All-Electric Elcar Had a 55 Mile Range and Sounded Like a Lawnmower [Correction: I'm A Dumbass]

7/31/2018 - That 'Certified Pre-Owned' Car Might Not Be What You Think

7/31/2018 - Faraday Future FF 91 Production Officially Begins for December Deliveries

7/31/2018 - I Wanted a BMW E30 So Badly I Bought One Full of Hidden Problems

7/31/2018 - Lyft Will Pay Chicago Residents $550 to Ditch Their Cars for a Month

7/31/2018 - FCA Recalls the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon for Cruise Control Issues

7/31/2018 - Detroit Is Falling Behind On Crossovers Because Time Is a Flat Circle

7/31/2018 - What Single Car Mod Has Helped You Out the Most?

7/31/2018 - Tobe Nwigwe -- 'Day Ones'

7/31/2018 - Is This 1987 Audi 5000 CS Quattro Turbo Avant Old School Cool Enough to Ask $4,500?

7/30/2018 - Here's How Much Quicker a ND Mazda Miata Is Around the Nürburgring than a NA MX-5

7/30/2018 - Harley-Davidson Is Still Screwed

7/30/2018 - Dead: Nissan Juke

7/30/2018 - That Time a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Caught Fire During the Filming of Top Gear

7/30/2018 - Uber Is Shuttering Its Controversial Self-Driving Truck Unit From Hell 

7/30/2018 - Comment of the Day: Training for This Moment Edition

7/30/2018 - NASCAR Teams Even Figured Out How to Bend the Rules on Windshield Wipers

7/30/2018 - Audi Bails on 'Traffic Jam Pilot' Driver Assist for Us Americans

7/30/2018 - Harley-Davidson Aims to Save Its Bacon With These New Motorcycles

7/30/2018 - New Federal Probe of Goodyear's Deadly RV Tire Could Lead to a Criminal Investigation

7/30/2018 - Temporary 'Air Dam Shipping Covers' Are the Hottest Mod For Dodge Challengers and Chargers

7/30/2018 - The Days of Flattening Pedestrians While in Reverse With Your V12 Mercedes G-Wagen Are Over

7/30/2018 - Here's Exactly Why the Tesla Model 3 Is Still Great in Spite of Its (Many) Flaws

7/30/2018 - Nobody Wants This Ford GT

7/30/2018 - This Is How You'd Build Your Best Sleeper Cars

7/30/2018 - Tesla Model S and X Could Get Interiors Like the Model 3: Report

7/30/2018 - Taxis Are Jamming Spanish Streets in Nationwide Cab Driver Strike Over Uber

7/30/2018 - If Audi Knows What It's Doing the Audi PB 18 E-Tron Concept Is Going to Rule

7/30/2018 - Let's Take Just a Minute to Appreciate Fred Durst's Instagram

7/30/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS 450 Is a Glorious Return for the Straight Six Engine

7/30/2018 - This Minnesota Dealership Gives New Chevy Silverados a Classic Makeover

7/30/2018 - Mazda Is Getting Fleeced Because Trains Are Robbed Almost Daily in this Mexican Town

7/30/2018 - The Trade War Is Now Real

7/30/2018 - They've Got a Tata SUV Based on a Land Rover Now

7/30/2018 - Point Blank -- DJ Screw -- 'My Mind Went Blank'

7/30/2018 - At $2,300, Could This 1979 Toyota Hilux be all the Truck You’ll Ever Need?

7/29/2018 - I Can't Stop Watching These Rally Cars Crash Into Buildings

7/29/2018 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Corvette Callaway CR-1 Wallpapers Are Here

7/29/2018 - 14-Year-Old Robert Noaker Wins MX-5 Cup Race At Mid Ohio 

7/29/2018 - Lewis Hamilton Wins From Pole In Hungary As Teammate Throws Away Podium

7/29/2018 - Here Is How Ducati's Desmodromic Valves Work

7/29/2018 - Dean Jeffries' Custom Porsche 356 Is An Ugly Car I Can't Help But Love

7/28/2018 - Here's How the Arab-Israeli War Indirectly Made All Our Speed Limits Slower

7/28/2018 - India Hosts an Annual Rally for the Blind Because Speed is for Everyone

7/28/2018 - Lexus Is Unveiling Its LFA Art Car at the 24 Hours of Spa and I Don't Know How I Feel About It

7/28/2018 - This Terrifying Lamborghini Crash Took Out Four Marshals at Spa 

7/28/2018 - Elsie Wisdom Proved That Women Could Have Their Family and Kick Ass at Racing, Too

7/28/2018 - Force India's Formula One Team Has Gone Into Administration Because They Haven't Been Paying Their Bills (or Sponsors)

7/28/2018 - Forget Cupholders; Cars Need Built-In Ashtrays Again

7/28/2018 - Weekend Motorsport Roundup; July 28-29, 2018

7/27/2018 - Bless the Cars Tonight

7/27/2018 - What Do You Want to Know About The 2019 Range Rover Velar S?

7/27/2018 - The Guy Who Salvages Ruined Teslas and Puts Them Back on the Road

7/27/2018 - The Only Phoenix Yellow 2018 Honda Civic Type R Looks Strikingly Sharp

7/27/2018 - Comment of the Day: How to Pitch the Cannonball Run Edition

7/27/2018 - Finally Some Good News: Americans Are Buying Enough Manuals for BMW to Keep Them Around a Bit Longer

7/27/2018 - Empty Out Your Piggy Banks Kids Because There's a Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR Headed to Auction

7/27/2018 - People Are Stealing Cars from Fiat Chrysler Again and This Time It's Dodge Chargers

7/27/2018 - The First 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Reviews Are In: It's an Off-Road Beast But Boring on the Streets

7/27/2018 - This MGB GT's Jaguar V12 Engine Blew So The Owner Completely Redesigned The Car Without A Roof

7/27/2018 - New Head of the EPA Reinstates Enforcement of Obama-Era 'Super Polluting' Rules

7/27/2018 - Why on Earth Would You Morons Think This is My Condo?

7/27/2018 - These Crazy Geniuses Converted a Bugatti Veyron to RWD and Now It's a Manic Donut Machine

7/27/2018 - The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Brings Back Monoblock Wheels of Great Excellence

7/27/2018 - The Feds Need You to Stop Stepping Out of Moving Cars to Dance to Drake's New Song

7/27/2018 - I Want to Do a Cannonball Run but Mike Ballaban Is Concerned He’ll Have to Do Paperwork

7/27/2018 - Experience the Fury of the Isle of Man TT by Watching In Loving Memory Free on YouTube Now

7/27/2018 - New York City Is Considering Capping the Number of Uber and Lyft Vehicles [Update] 

7/27/2018 - A 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Pulling an Airstream Basecamp Is the Best Version of 'Camping'

7/27/2018 - There's a Paint Job That Actually Makes the McLaren Senna Look Good

7/27/2018 - Fiat Chrysler Claims It Had No Clue Sergio Marchionne Was Seriously Ill for a Year

7/27/2018 - Have You Ever Owned a BMW E36 M3, the 'Worst M3' that Everyone Loves to Hate?

7/27/2018 - Popcaan -- 'Silence'

7/27/2018 - At $87,500, Could This 2015 Superlite SL-C Turn You Into a Superhero?

7/26/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 Nissan Titan?

7/26/2018 - Five Things I Learned From Five Minutes in the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

7/26/2018 - The 2019 Ford F-150 Limited Luxury Truck Gets the Raptor's 450 HP Engine

7/26/2018 - You Can Put In An Order For Your Audi E-Tron Soon

7/26/2018 - Comment of the Day: Toyota Production Schedule Edition

7/26/2018 - Some Pesky Little Bird Decided To Put My Jeep J10 Project On Hold

7/26/2018 - Apollo Claims its V12 Can Do 11,000 RPM with More Compression Than God

7/26/2018 - My High-Mile Honda S2000 Is Somehow the Cleanest Car I've Ever Owned

7/26/2018 - Check Out This Militarized Toyota Hilux and Its Weird Door Handles

7/26/2018 - Faraday Future Wants Its First Production Car to Have 1,089 HP 

7/26/2018 - Ford Is Suing the Auction House That Resold a Ford GT

7/26/2018 - The Moments In Between Drift Cars Crashing and Blowing Up

7/26/2018 - Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus Plans to Build Road Legal Versions of This SCG 007 LMP1 to Help Conquer Le Mans

7/26/2018 - The $17.5 Million Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta Is the Most Expensive Car in the World

7/26/2018 - Speed Cameras in New York City Are Shutting Down

7/26/2018 - Even UberPool Is Making Traffic Worse in Cities 

7/26/2018 - Jalopnik Is Hiring a Video Producer! Come Work With Us

7/26/2018 - Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Smashes Anvil Through Nürburgring Production Car Record; Shatters It Like Glass; Hurls Shards Into Nearby Porsche's Drink

7/26/2018 - I Need a 'Cool Dad' Car for $60,000! What Car Should I Buy?

7/26/2018 - What the Hell Happened to the Toyota S-FR?

7/26/2018 - Genesis Beat Porsche in Another JD Power Study But There's a Catch

7/26/2018 - America's Auto Workers Deserve Better Than the UAW [Update]

7/26/2018 - The Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R Special Would Have Saved Mitsubishi

7/26/2018 - Tyler, The Creator's New Music Video Features a Ferves Ranger, the Cutest Off-Roader Ever

7/26/2018 - Living Colour -- 'Cult of Personality'

7/26/2018 - At $3,300, Is This BMW-Powered ‘1980’ Triumph Spitfire a Monster Mashup?

7/25/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes A-Class Is a Great Looking Little Sedan That's New to America

7/25/2018 - You Know It's Too Hot When You Can Cook on Your Dashboard

7/25/2018 - Land Rover Trademarking 'Road Rover' Because It Figured Out Where Cars Go?: Report

7/25/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 Gets a New Mouth and More Gears

7/25/2018 - Comment of the Day: The Real Reason Sergio Marchionne Was Known as 'The Sweater' Edition

7/25/2018 - The 2019 Cadillac ATS-V's $4,000 Price Jump Is Actually a Good Deal

7/25/2018 - Which of You Nerds Is Going to Buy This Pirelli Bluetooth Speaker?

7/25/2018 - This 1963 Land Rover Has the Perfect Old Truck Aesthetic

7/25/2018 - A Guy Once Sealed Himself in a Kaiser and Tried to Drive to Every State

7/25/2018 - Here's How I Know Cars Have Feelings

7/25/2018 - Advisors Are 'Fighting' to Stop Trump From Imposing 25 Percent Car Tariffs: Report

7/25/2018 - Sergio Marchionne Brought Optimism Back to Chrysler

7/25/2018 - The 2018 BMW M5: Five Things to Know

7/25/2018 - How America Killed BMW's Forgotten V8

7/25/2018 - The 2019 Porsche Macan Gets an Enormous New Tail Light

7/25/2018 - I'm Really Going to Need You All to Stop Buying Clapped-Out Dodge Vipers

7/25/2018 - Watch a Wienermobile Take on the Circuit of The Americas

7/25/2018 - Get a Load of This Ridiculous Story About How Elon Musk Called a Tesla Critic’s Boss to Complain About Him (Updated)

7/25/2018 - These Australians Burned Out So Hard They Melted the Fucking Bumper

7/25/2018 - The $6,000 Benelli TNT600 Is a Lot of Motorcycle For the Money [Updated]

7/25/2018 - Bugatti Chiron's New 'Sky View' Lets Me See the Spot They're Holding for Me in Heaven

7/25/2018 - Sometimes You Just Need to Restore a Lamborghini Espada and Islero to Feel Things Again

7/25/2018 - The EPA Wants a '50-State Solution' for Emissions Standards 

7/25/2018 - No Age — 'Teen Creeps'

7/25/2018 - The McLaren Speedtail Is the Name of Your Next Three-Seat Hypercar

7/25/2018 - At $2,800, Do The Stars Point to This 1988 Merkur Scorpio Being a Great Deal?

7/25/2018 - Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, Turnaround Artist and Iconoclast, Dies at 66

7/24/2018 - Making Your Wheels Out of Springs is the Next Big Thing in Ride Comfort

7/24/2018 - Automakers Are Already Cheating Emissions Again in the Dumbest Possible Way

7/24/2018 - The 2019 Audi Q3 Looks Like a Sporty and Well Packaged Staple Remover Now 

7/24/2018 - Trump Auto Tariffs Might Make it Harder to Give Subprime Buyers Crappy Car Loans

7/24/2018 - Comment of the Day: BMW Engineering Versus Toyota Engineering Edition

7/24/2018 - Buying a Rare Project Car Is a Mistake Unless You're Rich or Patient

7/24/2018 - An Irish Pilot Arguing With a New York Air Traffic Controller Is Kind of Hilarious

7/24/2018 - This Dead-End Highway in Germany Is Probably the Fastest Road in the World

7/24/2018 - Mission: Impossible Fallout Is Going to Ruin the Old BMW 5 Series Market

7/24/2018 - Highway Noise Barriers Are a Lie

7/24/2018 - Oh Cool It's the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Just Hanging Out

7/24/2018 - United CEO Refused to Sit Coach for an Interview About How Shitty Coach Seats Are Today [Updated]

7/24/2018 - How BMW and Toyota Overcame a Culture Clash to Design the New Supra

7/24/2018 - Your E30 BMW M3 Deserves A Killer Engine Swap

7/24/2018 - Hey Look A 2018 Range Rover Velar Actually Went Off-Road

7/24/2018 - I Need to Know How We Feel About the Hyundai Kona's Taillight Setup

7/24/2018 - It’s Time to Admit the Lincoln Town Car Is the World’s Best Budget Performance Car

7/24/2018 - Ford Autonomous Vehicles: The Spin-Off Company That Will Drop $4 Billion on Autonomous Cars by 2023 

7/24/2018 - Watch a VW Scirocco Flip Three Times While Crashing on the Nurburgring

7/24/2018 - The Aston Martin V8 Cygnet Is as Hilarious to Drive as It Is to Look At

7/24/2018 - Listen to the Absurd Banshee Scream of this Weird Ferrari F12

7/24/2018 - Racer Who Lost Both Legs in a Crash Celebrates Third Place Win With 'Leggy'

7/24/2018 - The 2019 Hyundai Veloster N Actually Kicks Ass

7/24/2018 - How Would You Build Your Best Sleeper Car?

7/24/2018 - Dumbest Auto Industry Merger Somehow Making Profit

7/24/2018 - Stars -- 'This Is The Last Time'

7/24/2018 - Could This 1985 Jeep CJ10’s Rarity Overcome its $32,500 Price?

7/23/2018 - Road Raging Truck Driver Gets Instant Self-Inflicted Karma

7/23/2018 - Dictionary.com Now Lists Me as an Authority on Sending It and Now My Life Is Complete

7/23/2018 - Meh Car Monday: The Buick Somerset, Murdered By Lack Of Interest

7/23/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Very Bad Puns Edition

7/23/2018 - Ford Global Design Director Chris Svensson Dies At 53

7/23/2018 - I Went to a Japanese Car Meet and Came Back With Many Pictures and Opinions

7/23/2018 - ‘Never Vaped In’ Is How You Must Describe a Clean Used Subaru WRX Now

7/23/2018 - That Time the British Designed a Car to Drive Into People

7/23/2018 - The Twin-Turbo V6 in the Lexus LS 500 Is a Legit V8 Replacement

7/23/2018 - This Story on a German Engineer Who Made an Autonomous Mercedes Van in 1986 Is Fascinating

7/23/2018 - 2019 Toyota 86 TRD Special Edition: Handles Better, No Extra Power, Just Like We Asked

7/23/2018 - It's Time to Learn About Wonderful and Weird Opposed-Piston Engines

7/23/2018 - Trump Will Start a War With California This Week Over Auto Emissions: Report

7/23/2018 - The Porsche 911 Speedster Concept's Delights Are in the Details

7/23/2018 - F1's Miami Grand Prix, Which Is Not Happening, Is Now Not Happening Until 2020

7/23/2018 - The 2019 Yenko Corvette Is A 1000 HP Tire-Scorcher Available At Your Local Chevy Dealer

7/23/2018 - The Nissan Frontier Replacement You Can't Have in America Is a Solid Truck

7/23/2018 - The One Reason Why I Actually Wish My Jeep Had The Smaller Engine

7/23/2018 - These Are The Most God-Awful Test Drives You've Ever Been On

7/23/2018 - Don't Wait Until a New Model Comes Out to Get a Deal On a Leftover

7/23/2018 - The Detroit Auto Show Is Officially Moving to June in 2020

7/23/2018 - Please Appreciate the Suzuki Jimny's Perfect Interior

7/23/2018 - Woman Says She’s Still on the Hook for Car Payments After Her Kia Soul Went Up in Flames [Updated]

7/23/2018 - Dire Straits -- 'Brothers in Arms'

7/23/2018 - Could This Ultra-Low Mileage 1990 Mazda Miata be Worth $6,999?

7/22/2018 - California's Famed Highway 1 Reopens 15 Months After Landslide

7/22/2018 - Porsche Is Setting Lap Records At Tracks You've Never Even Heard Of

7/22/2018 - Mercedes Put Up Dominant German GP 1-2 Victory As Ferrari Falters

7/22/2018 - Wall Street Journal's Dan Neil Deletes Twitter After Tesla Model 3 Review Blowback

7/22/2018 - Australian Racing Series Attempts To Send Truck Parts Into Low Orbit 

7/22/2018 - Show Us The Coolest Automotive Gifts You've Given

7/21/2018 - Come See A Huge Gathering Of Cool Japanese Cars In Los Angeles Tomorrow

7/21/2018 - Someone Explain Why the First Motorized Bus Looks Like Something Off a Horror Movie Set

7/21/2018 - Judy Stropus Mastered Timing and Scoring in Racing Before Computers Were Cool

7/21/2018 - The Best Thing to Do With Your Freshly Engine Swapped 1966 Volvo Is Drive Across the Country

7/21/2018 - There Are Bed Bugs in Airplanes Because We Live in Hell Now

7/21/2018 - Turn Up the Stereo Because the Ultimate Driving Playlist Is Here

7/21/2018 - Jeep and Ram Boss Mike Manley Named Fiat Chrysler CEO, Replaces Ailing Marchionne

7/21/2018 - The IndyCar Season Finale Should Be Held at an Oval: Change My Mind

7/21/2018 - Ken Block's Beautiful 1991 Ford Escort RS Burns to a Crisp in the New England Forest Rally

7/21/2018 - Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne Exiting Company Amid Health Issues (Updated)

7/21/2018 - Weekend Motorsport Roundup; July 21-22

7/20/2018 - There's Never Enough Cars

7/20/2018 - Watch The Ultra-Fast Electric Volkswagen I.D. R Set Its Pikes Peak Record From Every Angle

7/20/2018 - What's the Most Important Maintenance After Buying a Used Car?

7/20/2018 - Trade Secrets of Toyota, Tesla and More May Be Exposed by Data Breach at Robotics Supplier

7/20/2018 - Mission: Impossible 2 Is What Happens When You Call Tom Cruise Boring

7/20/2018 - Your Bugatti Chiron Has Been Recalled

7/20/2018 - This Sports Bra Is Perfect for Featuring a Couple of Boobs

7/20/2018 - The Three Things No One Ever Tells You About Teleportation

7/20/2018 - We're the Staff of Jalopnik, Let's Chat

7/20/2018 - The Stolen Aston Martin DB5 From Goldfinger Might Be at a 'Specific Location' in the Middle East

7/20/2018 - The 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320 Adds Demon Tech to a Cheaper Challenger

7/20/2018 - The Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition Is What Tony Stark Would Drive if He Was Broke and Boring

7/20/2018 - The 2019 Nissan Leaf Nismo Is Happening

7/20/2018 - This Truck Swarming With Mosquitoes is the Worst Thing in the World Oh God I Hate Mosquitoes

7/20/2018 - The 2018 BMW X3 M40i Makes the Crossover Apocalypse a Little More Tolerable

7/20/2018 - Trump Will Officially Propose Weakening Obama-Era Fuel Economy Standards Next Week: Report

7/20/2018 - Celebrate the 49th Anniversary of the Moon Landing With Buzz Aldrin Punching Some Jerk in the Face

7/20/2018 - How LA’s Underground Street Racing Scene and The Fast And The Furious Grew Up

7/20/2018 - 'Are You People High?': The Best Comments on Trump's Proposed 25 Percent Auto Tariff

7/20/2018 - Ferrari Files Patent For Electric Turbo But It's Something Unusual [Corrected]

7/20/2018 - Pretty Much the Entire Auto Industry Told the Trump Administration Tariffs Are Bad

7/20/2018 - The Best Luxury Sport Sedan Deal Under $20,000 is the One You Probably Forgot About

7/20/2018 - Avril Lavigne -- 'Girlfriend'

7/20/2018 - At $8,900, Could This Wild Custom 1969 VW Type 1 Get You to Bug Out?

7/19/2018 - Here Are Some Of The Incredible Cars Of The Bear Mountain Car Cruise

7/19/2018 - Watch the 2019 Suzuki Jimny 4x4 Live Its Best Life

7/19/2018 - London's Heathrow Airport Sometimes Hosts 'Ghost Flights' With No One on Them

7/19/2018 - The Department of Justice Is Mad at a Georgia Sheriff for Spending $70,000 on a Dodge Charger Hellcat

7/19/2018 - Comment of the Day: Why Have One Car When You Can Have 300? Edition

7/19/2018 - The Wood in My Bentley Isn't Woody Enough

7/19/2018 - This Boat Jousting Footage Brings Back Incredibly Painful Memories

7/19/2018 - Hell Yes You Can Make Your Brabham BT62 Road Legal

7/19/2018 - Why Big Bear in California Is One of My Favorite Places to Drive

7/19/2018 - A Close Look at the New Toyota Supra Reveals Some Major BMW Parts [Updated]

7/19/2018 - No, the Woman Stranded After Driving Her Jeep Off a Cliff Didn't Survive by Drinking from the Radiator

7/19/2018 - I Have a Small Fortune to Get Whatever I Want! What Car Should I Buy?

7/19/2018 - Chinese Space Agency Official Thinks Planned US Lunar Orbital Station Is Pretty Stupid

7/19/2018 - The McLaren Senna Sounds Annoyed and Awesomely Dangerous

7/19/2018 - Lewis Hamilton’s New Contract Is Reportedly Worth $13 Million More Than LeBron James’ per Year

7/19/2018 - There's a Whopping 487 Electric Vehicle Makers in China Now

7/19/2018 - Watch How Well a Wheel Made of 10,000 Sheets of Paper Holds up to Drifting

7/19/2018 - 2018 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet: Five Things to Know

7/19/2018 - Watch a Huge Cargo Plane Do a Loop

7/19/2018 - Watch Live as People Explain to the Trump Administration Why Car Tariffs Are Bad for Pretty Much Everyone

7/19/2018 - Huge Pipe Explosion Just Left a Crater in New York City Street (Updated)

7/19/2018 - The 2019 Renault Megane RS Trophy Could Be Le Civic Type R Killer

7/19/2018 - Kitaoka Sugiyama & 1986 Omega Tribe -- 'River's Island'

7/19/2018 - At $19,900, Might You Say G’Day to This 1990 Holden Commodore Maloo Ute?

7/18/2018 - When You're Out Too Late and Dad Has to Come Get You

7/18/2018 - Get Your Mission: Impossible 2 Takes Ready

7/18/2018 - I Sold My Landlord A Deathtrap And I Feel Horrible

7/18/2018 - Which Cars Would Make An Actually Good Lego Kit?

7/18/2018 - Comment of the Day: Washing Machine Edition

7/18/2018 - Check Out How the Ford Ranger Raptor Is Built

7/18/2018 - The 2019 Mazda Miata's Big Horsepower Bump Won't Hurt Fuel Economy 

7/18/2018 - Genesis Needs to Build a Balanced Lineup if It Wants to Make It

7/18/2018 - Court Suspends EPA Loophole for 'Super Polluting' Glider Trucks

7/18/2018 - Ford Missed Its Production Target for the First Year of Building the Ford GT

7/18/2018 - Changing the Oil in a Bugatti Veyron Is a Huge Pain in the Ass

7/18/2018 - Here’s How Japan Does a Giant Mazda Rotary Party

7/18/2018 - Tesla Is Paying Back German EV Subsidy After It Allegedly Committed Fraud

7/18/2018 - Local Moron Straps Washing Machine to SUV Hood Instead of Perfectly Good Roof Rack 

7/18/2018 - Jason Torchinsky Fixed My Yugo Using Nothing But Pliers and a Quarter

7/18/2018 - Ford Recalls 550,000 Fusions and Escapes Over Possible Rollaway Risk 

7/18/2018 - Any Car Can Be a Rallycross Car if You Believe in Yourself

7/18/2018 - F1 Development Driver Who Wrecked Teammate, Drove With a Phone in His Hand Gets Cut by Team

7/18/2018 - 2019 Audi TT: Can You Spot the Changes?

7/18/2018 - The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback Made Me Give a Crap About a Corolla

7/18/2018 - Elon Musk Finally 'Apologized' for That Whole 'Pedo' Thing

7/18/2018 - Just Shut Up and Listen to This Singer DLS on the Track

7/18/2018 - The Shins — 'Caring Is Creepy'

7/18/2018 - At $10,777, Is This 1989 Chrysler Conquest TSi a Captive Import That’ll Capture Your Heart?

7/17/2018 - Trump's Imported Car Tariff Could Ruin PSA Peugeot-Citroën's Plans to Return to the U.S. 

7/17/2018 - Porsche Does Not Know How Spy Shots Work

7/17/2018 - GM Is Being Sued by a Graffiti Artist for Featuring His Work in an Ad Campaign

7/17/2018 - We're All Assholes In New York City But A Motorcycle On The Subway Is Taking It Too Far

7/17/2018 - Comment of the Day: Hold the Press Accountable Edition

7/17/2018 - Allow This Video of an Audi R8 Being Detailed Lull You Into a Deep State of Relaxation 

7/17/2018 - This Is What The Key For A McLaren Senna Looks Like

7/17/2018 - This Airborne Pro Mazda Crash Is Almost Surreal 

7/17/2018 - Look at This Fascinating V4 Mystery Ford

7/17/2018 - The 700 Horsepower Brabham BT62 Made Me Laugh Like a Child

7/17/2018 - That Self-Driving 1965 Ford Mustang at Goodwood Was Probably Destined to Fail

7/17/2018 - My 'Project Mongoose' Chevrolet Corvair Gets Its Engine and a Good Story

7/17/2018 - Ford Is Re-Opening the GT Application Process Later This Year

7/17/2018 - The Hell With It, Everyone Make an SUV

7/17/2018 - This Old Deck of GM Engine and Transmission Trading Cards is Incredibly Nerdy

7/17/2018 - Environmental Groups Sue EPA for Keeping Loophole That Allows Trucks to Exceed Emissions 

7/17/2018 - Lamborghini's Going All in on Hybrids, but Don't Expect Electric Cars Anytime Soon

7/17/2018 - Toyota Confirms a Four-Cylinder Supra

7/17/2018 - Secretive Startup Zoox is Building a Bidirectional Autonomous Car From the Ground Up

7/17/2018 - What Was The Most Nightmarish Test Drive You've Ever Been On?

7/17/2018 - The 'Pedo' Thing Has Tesla Investors Pissed

7/17/2018 - This 2019 Chevy Corvette Lived a Tragic 15 Miles [Updated]

7/17/2018 - Childish Gambino -- 'Feels Like Summer'

7/17/2018 - At $10,399, Is This 1988 Mazda RX7 Turbo II a Fitting Sequel to a Car That Never Was?

7/16/2018 - The Electric Polestar 2 Will Have 400 HP and a Range of 350 Miles

7/16/2018 - Engineering Firm That Tore Down Tesla Model 3 Says It's Very Profitable

7/16/2018 - New Orleans Saints Player Helps Rescue Man After SUV Falls From Parking Garage

7/16/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Put The Shovel Down Edition

7/16/2018 - Goodyear Could Face $105 Million Fine if It Failed to Properly Report Crashes Involving RV Tire

7/16/2018 - This 1.8-Mile Train Travels on One of the Most Extreme Railways in the World

7/16/2018 - Now We Know For Sure: Elon Musk Sucks Like All These Jackasses Suck

7/16/2018 - This Video of a Range Rover Sport SVR Going Up the Hill at Goodwood on Two Wheels Gets Extremely Tense

7/16/2018 - Formula E Men Fined $6,000 for Wearing Wrong Underwear 

7/16/2018 - Watch This Modified Porsche 911 Hooning Its Heart Out in a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 Tribute

7/16/2018 - I Will Never Get Tired of Watching the Sherp Muscle Through Mud Pits

7/16/2018 - The Lexus LC 500 Is So Perfect That I Don't Want Them to Make an LC-F

7/16/2018 - A Parked Toyota Camper Is a Great Way to Avoid Paying Rent in Manhattan

7/16/2018 - Nissan Design Boss Wants Next GT-R to Be the 'World's Fastest Brick'

7/16/2018 - Check Out This Conversation With a BMW Dealer Who Really Didn't Want to Sell a Used M3

7/16/2018 - The Long-Range Nissan Leaf E-Plus Will Reportedly Have 200 HP 

7/16/2018 - Someone Bought a $300,000 McLaren 720S and Wrecked It the Next Day

7/16/2018 - We Weren't Paying Enough Attention to Aston Martin So It Announced a Flying Car

7/16/2018 - A Visit to Italy's Maserati Shrine and the Other, Lamer Ferrari Museum

7/16/2018 - Ford RS200 Loses Its Pants at Goodwood

7/16/2018 - The 2019 Toyota Supra Will Have Torque on Par With a Lexus F but Weigh Less

7/16/2018 - The Ford F-Series Is Set to Smash Sales Records

7/16/2018 - You Can Get Up to $5,000 Off a Wonderful Lexus LC Coupe Right Now

7/16/2018 - The 2019 Genesis G70 Should Make German Automakers Very Nervous

7/16/2018 - Aretha Franklin--'Since You've Been Gone'

7/16/2018 - At $11,980, Is This 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt a Classic for a New Generation?

7/15/2018 - Bruno Senna Rips An Awesome Burnout In A Senna At Goodwood

7/15/2018 - The Toyota Soarer Aerocabin Is The Ultimate In Open Air Rad Rides

7/15/2018 - Formula E Storms A Wet New York City 

7/15/2018 - This Is How You Drive An Electric Car With Just One Pedal

7/15/2018 - Americas Rallycross Cooked In The Texas Heat During Its First Race In Austin

7/15/2018 - From Now On All Soccer Should Be Played On Motorcycles

7/15/2018 - My Weirdest Car Fetish: A Super Narrow Track

7/14/2018 - Why It's Hard To Match Magazine 0-60 Times 

7/14/2018 - The Fastest Way Isn't Always The Most Fun At Goodwood 

7/14/2018 - IndyCar Is Going To Race At Laguna Seca In 2019

7/14/2018 - Would You Rather: Vomit Car Parts Or Be Head Of AMC In 1975?

7/14/2018 - Lamborghini Just Restored Its Terrible Formula One Car

7/14/2018 - EV Chargers Planned For All Newly Constructed UK Homes

7/14/2018 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup; July 14-15, 2018

7/13/2018 - The Cars Are Here

7/13/2018 - This V8-Powered Aston Martin Cygnet Is A True Miracle Of Human Creation

7/13/2018 - Why A Tiny Fish Is Stalling The New Toyota-Mazda Factory In Alabama

7/13/2018 - Comment Of The Day: My Cars Aren't That Shitty Edition

7/13/2018 - The Cannonball Run Is Fun But Never As Legendary As The Actual Race

7/13/2018 - The Story Behind Why Soccer Players Sit In Race Car Seats

7/13/2018 - Guy Pulled Over For Driving Most Of A Car With Vise Grips, Bucket

7/13/2018 - The Blackfly Flying Machine Is So Cool I Don't Mind That I'll Probably Never See It Again

7/13/2018 - This Off-Road Porsche Is Not Like The Others

7/13/2018 - This Time Attack Toyota AE86 Corolla Used To Live Out In A Field Full Of Goats

7/13/2018 - Taxpayers Still On The Hook For Millions To Clean Up After Mike Pence's Family Gas Station Business: Report

7/13/2018 - Watch The 150 MPH Honda Mean Mower Storm Up The Hill At Goodwood

7/13/2018 - The 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Is An Electrified Car That Doesn't Demand Compromises

7/13/2018 - Goodwood Shows No Mercy, Sends Lexus RC F GT3 Up In Flames [UPDATED]

7/13/2018 - My 300ZX Twin Turbo Just Gave Me A Free Pass

7/13/2018 - The Alfa Romeo Museum Is The Greatest Car Museum In The World

7/13/2018 - Autonomous Race Car Does Goodwood Hillclimb Just Fine, Proving That Mustangs Will Be Mustangs 

7/13/2018 - Arizona Lawmaker Gets Out Of Speeding Ticket Then Brags To Cop About Driving 140 MPH Like A Moron

7/13/2018 - The Night A Mazda Rotary Army Invaded New York City And R34 Skylines Were Legal

7/13/2018 - Trump Asked Harley-Davidson Not To Move Jobs Overseas After Starting A Trade War That Forced Harley To Move Jobs Overseas

7/13/2018 - Michigan Is Especially Screwed In Trump's Trade War With China

7/13/2018 - I Knew Austin's Rallycross Course Would Be Pure Mayhem After Riding In A 600 HP Subaru

7/13/2018 - The Isley Brothers -- 'Summer Breeze Parts 1 & 2' 

7/13/2018 - At $3,200, Would You Put Your Designs On This 2000 Mercedes E320 ‘designo’ Edition?

7/12/2018 - Elon Musk Told Workers Tesla 'Would Allow' Them To Unionize If He Couldn't Make Them Safe: NLRB

7/12/2018 - The $121,475 Maserati Levante GTS Is The Budget Ferrari-Powered SUV

7/12/2018 - Getting Everything To F1 Races Requires Some Truly Insane Logistics

7/12/2018 - Did You Know You Could Buy A 450 HP Audi RS5 For $40,000?

7/12/2018 - Watch This Hood Try To Escape This Fire-Spitting Mazda RX-7

7/12/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Holy Crap That's A Lot Of Rust Edition

7/12/2018 - When The Honda NSX Took On Le Mans

7/12/2018 - Why Fiat Chrysler Workers Are Striking Over Soccer God Cristiano Ronaldo

7/12/2018 - That Self-Driving 1965 Ford Mustang Self-Drove Into A Wall

7/12/2018 - Canadian Cops Who Are Clearly Tired Of This Bullshit Seize Exotic Sports Cars For 'Stunting' (Updated)

7/12/2018 - The Noble M500 Concept Is A Fiberglass Supercar With A 550 HP Twin-Turbo EcoBoost V6

7/12/2018 - What Do You Wish You'd Known About Your Car Before Buying It?

7/12/2018 - Florida Man Tells Cops He Wasn't Drinking And Driving Because He Only Drank Bourbon While Stopped

7/12/2018 - We Deserve Better Back Seats

7/12/2018 - Where Flint Is At Today And What Elon Musk Can Really Do To Help

7/12/2018 - Hey Get A Load Of This Very Good Triple-Rotary Rally Car

7/12/2018 - McLaren Will Come Out With New Cars Every Damn Day If That's What It Takes To Go Hybrid

7/12/2018 - My Cadillac CTS-V Wagon Was Stolen And Trashed! What Car Should I Buy?

7/12/2018 - Texas Geniuses Create Dorkiest Vehicle Ever By Turning Postal Jeep Into Star Wars 'Star Destroyer' 

7/12/2018 - Finally, There's An Autonomous Electric Logging Truck

7/12/2018 - Toyota Supra Makes 'World Debut' Yet Toyota Still Won't Show Us The Car

7/12/2018 - BMW Might Just Set A Record In China

7/12/2018 - Come Watch The Goodwood Festival Of Speed On Our Facebook Page

7/12/2018 - Tesla Is Still In Hell With Model 3 Production [Updated]

7/12/2018 - The Singer-Williams DLS Is The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Vision Of A Porsche 911

7/12/2018 - Tesla Buyers Will Soon Lose The $7,500 EV Tax Credit

7/12/2018 - The Decemberists--'July, July!'

7/12/2018 - The Aston Martin V8 Cygnet Is Your Dream 430 HP City Car

7/12/2018 - At $4,400, Could This 1992 Nissan NX2000 Make You Say Y-Not 2K?

7/11/2018 - Someone Use Magic To Send My Ass To Daihatsu In The 1990s, Please

7/11/2018 - Here's What Tire, Suspension and Brake Upgrades Can Do For The Tesla Model 3

7/11/2018 - Stuttgart, Home Of Mercedes And Porsche, Will Ban Older Diesels Next Year

7/11/2018 - DHL's Weird Mix Of Delivery Vans Proves EV Automakers Are Overlooking The Courier Industry

7/11/2018 - Comment Of The Day: We Found A Real Person Edition

7/11/2018 - This May Be The Best Digital Dashboard I've Seen

7/11/2018 - Porsche's Super-Fast Electric Charging Stations Are Coming

7/11/2018 - How This Shop Turns Cadillac ATS-V Coupes Into $102,500 Convertibles

7/11/2018 - The NYPD Used Its Nuke-Detecting Spy Plane To Fly The Mayor To His Vacation

7/11/2018 - I Have Never Wanted To Cut Grass So Badly

7/11/2018 - Tesla Won't Say If It Passed The Federal $7,500 EV Tax Credit Threshold—But It's Damn Near Close

7/11/2018 - Goodbye Tata Nano, The World's Cheapest Car, You Deserved Better Than This

7/11/2018 - Five Fantastic Details Of The Gorgeous 2018 Lexus LC 500

7/11/2018 - Rental Car Customer Accidentally 'Steals' Someone's Car For Two Weeks

7/11/2018 - Tesla’s Alleged Saboteur Is Doubling Down

7/11/2018 - NASCAR Had To Adjust Its Road Course-Oval Track Because Drivers Kept Cheating It With Shortcuts

7/11/2018 - This Lucky Couple Bought A Running Miata For Just $300

7/11/2018 - I Have No Reason To Believe This Report About An AMG Cayman Rival But Why Not What The Hell

7/11/2018 - The 2018 Volvo XC40 Is Extremely Elegant And A Little Annoying

7/11/2018 - This 1981 Honda Accord Is Unbelievably Pristine

7/11/2018 - The Ford Fusion Is Going To Become A Subaru-Fighting 'Sport Wagon': Report

7/11/2018 - Cops Want To Be Able To Shut Off Self-Driving Cars

7/11/2018 - There's An All New Ariel Atom With The 320 HP Honda Civic Type R Engine 

7/11/2018 - Volkswagen Isn't Volkswagen

7/11/2018 - Dark Thoughts — ‘At Work’

7/11/2018 - At $3,700, Could This 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder Be Your Rough Rider?

7/10/2018 - This Mercedes S-Class On A Russian 'GAZ' Frame Is The Off-Road Frankenstein The World Needs

7/10/2018 - Anyone Can Order A Tesla Model 3 Now, But The $35,000 One Is Nowhere To Be Found, Also Does Anyone Want A Submarine

7/10/2018 - I'm The Volvo V70 R

7/10/2018 - I'm Expecting One Of You Ingrates To Buy Me This Defender SVX

7/10/2018 - Feds Accuse Former Apple Employee Of Stealing Autonomous Car Trade Secrets

7/10/2018 - Comment Of The Day: That's Not A Coupe... THAT's A Coupe Edition

7/10/2018 - Look At How Ridiculously Two-Tiered F1 Has Gotten

7/10/2018 - Self-Driving 1965 Ford Mustang Plans Attack On Goodwood Hillclimb

7/10/2018 - Faraday Future CEO Accused Of Setting Up 'Hundreds' Of Shell Companies To 'Escape Debts' In Lawsuit

7/10/2018 - Here's What To Do When You Rent KITT From Knight Rider On Turo And It Breaks Down

7/10/2018 - Screw You, Carmakers, You Don't Get To Ruin The Word 'Coupe'

7/10/2018 - Classic German Cars Are Gaining Value Faster Than Stocks And Bonds: Report

7/10/2018 - Teammate-Wrecking F2 Driver Also Applied To Run A 'Make America Great Again' Decal On His Race Car

7/10/2018 - Jaguar's Working On More Paces

7/10/2018 - Whoever Created The Dealer Ads For These Kia Stingers Must Have A Sense Of  Humor

7/10/2018 - New Bugatti Chiron Divo Will Be Faster And Handle Better In Ways No One Will Ever Use

7/10/2018 - Court Rules Volkswagen Definitely Has To Pay That $10 Billion Diesel Fine

7/10/2018 - How Italy's Touring Superleggera Makes Some Of The Most Exclusive Cars Around 

7/10/2018 - Tesla Plans To Build China Plant With Capacity To Make 500,000 Vehicles Annually (Updated)

7/10/2018 - Bobby Womack -- 'I Can Understand It'

7/10/2018 - At $4,000, Could This 1992 Mercedes 300TE Be Your Long Term Longroof?

7/9/2018 - Meh Car Monday: Fly With The Plymouth Volaré Into Clouds Of Apathy

7/9/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 'Fastest' Version Of The Four-Door 2018 Mini?

7/9/2018 - Here's The Full Video Of Volkswagen's Record-Breaking Pikes Peak Run

7/9/2018 - It's Dangerous And Terrible But I Sort Of Respect The Kook Who Built His Shitty Boat Trailer With Duct Tape And Pallets

7/9/2018 - Here’s What Happened With The Tesla Model S Race Car That Got Too Hot After Five Miles On An F1 Track

7/9/2018 - Comment Of The Day: There's Your Problem Edition

7/9/2018 - Motorcycle Racer William Dunlop Dies In Practice Crash For Irish Road Race

7/9/2018 - Lamborghini Huracán And Mustang Crash Head-On In California Leaving Two Injured 

7/9/2018 - NYC Apparently Has Only One Employee Who Can Fix The Subway System's Vending Machines

7/9/2018 - Watch All Of Travis Pastrana's Evel Knievel Record-Breaking Jumps

7/9/2018 - India's Closer To Putting A Person In Space

7/9/2018 - Go To Formula Drift And Die Happy

7/9/2018 - The 2018 Kia Stinger GT Versus Other Good Cars You Could Get For $45,000

7/9/2018 - Come Talk Project Cars In Our New Facebook Group, The Way Back

7/9/2018 - Buy The Nissan GT-R50 By Italdesign For $1.1 Million And Really Upset Some People

7/9/2018 - Inside The Garage Of Automobili Amos, The Company That Wants To Make Lancia Great Again

7/9/2018 - The 2019 BMW M850i Is Gonna Set You Back $112,895

7/9/2018 - How The 2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman Becomes A $45,000 Work Truck And What It's Like To Drive

7/9/2018 - Holy Shit Someone Actually Used A Bugatti Veyron

7/9/2018 - I Brought This Ford Ranger Back From The Brink For Only $250

7/9/2018 - The Toyota Supra 'Debut' Is Going To Be In A Camouflaged Wrap

7/9/2018 - Here It Is, The Most Terrifying Citroën On Craigslist

7/9/2018 - The UK Is Going All-In On Electric Cars

7/9/2018 - Here's How Modern NASCAR Race Cars Compare To Their Road-Going Counterparts

7/9/2018 - Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Burned To The Ground By Independence Day Fireworks

7/9/2018 - Elton John—'Take Me To The Pilot'

7/9/2018 - At $18,500, Could You T-Top This 1982 Datsun 280ZX?

7/8/2018 - Travis Pastrana Lands Three Incredible Jumps To Break Evel Knievel's Record

7/8/2018 - Formula 2 Racer Handed Suspension For Deliberately Hitting Teammate, Texting While Driving

7/8/2018 - Shin Yoshikawa Is The Undeniable Master Of Automotive Cutaway Art

7/8/2018 - Lamborghini Huracan Performante Burns In Absurd St. Louis Gas Station Mishap

7/8/2018 - Forza Horizon 4 Trailer Recreated Shot-For-Shot In Grand Theft Auto 5 By Genius 

7/8/2018 - Lewis Hamilton Makes Incredible Recovery Run In Home British GP

7/8/2018 - Vignale Bodied Fiat Desiree Is A Staid Sedan In A Three Piece Suit

7/8/2018 - The U.S. Cargo Ship Rushing To Beat Soybean Tariff Didn't Make It In Time

7/7/2018 - If I Had $700,000 I Definitely Would Have Bought The 1965 Mercer-Cobra Roadster

7/7/2018 - Koenigsegg Is Naming Their Last Two Ageras After Badass Movie Characters

7/7/2018 - Why Do Superspeedways Still Have Lower Trackside Seating In The Year 2018?

7/7/2018 - Formula One Got A Little More Down To Earth—And A Little More Dangerous—In The Mechanic's Tale

7/7/2018 - Tell Us Your Favorite Driving Songs So We Can Make The Greatest Driving Playlist Ever

7/7/2018 - How Liane Engeman Became A Race Car Driver By Waiting At A Bus Stop

7/7/2018 - Watch This Formula One Driver's Suspension Snap Like It's Made Out Of Cans Of Red Bull

7/7/2018 - Weekend Motorsport Roundup; July 7-8, 2018

7/6/2018 - NASCAR Controversially Rules Winning Pass Illegal After Driver Dips Below Yellow Line At Daytona

7/6/2018 - The Tesla Model 3 Can Drift

7/6/2018 - Sicario's Convoy Scene Is The Best Part Of One Of The Best Movies Of The Decade

7/6/2018 - Audi's New Touchscreen Virtual Side Cameras Actually Seem Like A Good Idea

7/6/2018 - A Real New York City Car Is A Two-And-A-Half Ton Military Truck

7/6/2018 - Give Me All Of The Money To Buy Jim Clark's Gorgeous 1962 Lotus Elite

7/6/2018 - Turns Out You Can't Remove A Jeep Engine With A Giant Tow Strap And A Tree

7/6/2018 - How Did A Golf Ball Wind Up Striking An Autonomous Chevy Bolt? An Investigation 

7/6/2018 - How To Transform A Ran-When-Parked Porsche 912 Into A Long-Distance Rally Car

7/6/2018 - What Kind Of Car Company Does Volvo Want To Be?

7/6/2018 - A Reminder That You Can Power Through Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee On Netflix Starting Today

7/6/2018 - An Inside Look At Zagato, One Of The World's Wildest Coachbuilders

7/6/2018 - Stef Schrader Takes The Checkered Flag

7/6/2018 - A Wonderfully Ridiculous Car You Should Know: The Mitsubishi Flying Pug

7/6/2018 - The 2018 BMW M550i Won't Leave You Wanting More

7/6/2018 - These Are The Cars People Drive The Most

7/6/2018 - Cadillac CT5 Coupe Possibly Revealed In Patent Drawings And It Looks Great

7/6/2018 - How Brehanna Daniels Is Changing NASCAR, One Tire At A Time

7/6/2018 - The Alieno Arcanum Is A 5,221-HP Hypercar That Is Definitely Happening

7/6/2018 - Fiat Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of The Fiat Jolly With This Delightful 500 Convertible

7/6/2018 - The Trade War Is Officially On

7/6/2018 - I Don't Care How Rich You Are, You Can't Buy A UPS Truck

7/6/2018 - Gil Scott-Heron — 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'

7/6/2018 - At $3,000, Might This 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon’s Awesomeness Let You Excuse Its Flaws?

7/5/2018 - If There Is A Back To The Future Remake The Time Machine Must Be A Fisker Karma

7/5/2018 - The Leaked Aston Martin DB5 LEGO Kit Looks Like It's In Excruciating Pain

7/5/2018 - We're Finally Going To See The 2019 Toyota Supra At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Next Week

7/5/2018 - Holy Crap The Toyota Supra Is Going To Run In NASCAR

7/5/2018 - If You Don't Buy Me This Paris-Dakar Porsche 959 Rally Car, You're Dead To Me

7/5/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Track Van Edition

7/5/2018 - The 2019 Honda HR-V Is Losing Its Manual Gearbox Option; Yes, It Actually Had One

7/5/2018 - We Swapped The Music On These Slow-Motion Fighter Jets And It's So Much Better

7/5/2018 - Oh Hell Yeah Honda Wants To Top 150 MPH In A Lawn Mower

7/5/2018 - Man Fires Up Late Father's Datsun That Sat In An Arizona Desert For 21 Years

7/5/2018 - Here's How To Follow The U.S. Cargo Ship Rushing To Beat New Chinese Tariff

7/5/2018 - A Brief But Vitally Important History Of Four-Door Volkswagen Beetles

7/5/2018 - Here's Me On My Mercedes-Benz Picnic

7/5/2018 - Tennessee Can't Revoke Driver's Licenses From People Who Are Too Poor To Pay Court Costs: Judge

7/5/2018 - How A Flooded Toyota 86 Got A Second Life As A Race Car For Charity

7/5/2018 - How Japanese Dodge Van Fanatics Modify Their Huge Vans To Hit The Track Is Deeply Fascinating

7/5/2018 - Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge In North America Will Stretch From Detroit To Windsor

7/5/2018 - I Go To College In The Middle Of Nowhere! What Car Should I Buy?

7/5/2018 - Australian Cops Are Replacing Their Commodores And Falcons With The Kia Stinger GT

7/5/2018 - Which Car Names Are The Best?

7/5/2018 - Spec Miata And Tow Truck Collide In The Middle Of A Race

7/5/2018 - Make Auxiliary Cord Inputs Mandatory For Every Car

7/5/2018 - America Could Back Off On Those Car Tariff Threats In Exchange For Concessions

7/5/2018 - Volvo Is Launching An M Brand But It's Not What You Think

7/5/2018 - The Miata RF Looks So Much Faster In Famous Le Mans 787B Livery

7/5/2018 - Bloodywood Feat. Bonde do Metaleiro — 'Tunak Tunak Tun' (Metal Version)

7/5/2018 - At $2,500, Could This 1992 Isuzu Amigo Become Your New Best Friend?

7/4/2018 - One Reason Why It Sucks To Sell Cars On Craigslist: Crazy Text Messages Like These

7/4/2018 - The Vehicles Of Incredibles 2, Ranked

7/4/2018 - A Bunch Of European Truck Racers Out-America'd Me At The Nürburgring

7/4/2018 - Meet America's Smallest, Adorably Ugliest Car: The Eshelman!

7/4/2018 - Tesla Facing New Investigation From California Regulators, As It Builds Cars In A Tent

7/4/2018 - The VW Beetle Could Return As A Four-Door Rear-Wheel Drive Electric Car: Report

7/4/2018 - Watch This Camaro ZL1 Blow Its Curtain Airbags After Catching Air On Track

7/4/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 BMW M5?

7/4/2018 - A Real McLaren P1 GT Longtail Is Coming, Get Hype

7/4/2018 - The Karate Kid Pretty Much Got Car Waxing Right

7/4/2018 - Marvin Gaye -- 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

7/4/2018 - At $60,000, Could This Custom 2014 Smart Limo Fuel Your Small Business Fantasies?

7/3/2018 - Aston Martin's Sapphire Crystal Key Was The Stupidest Thing Ever And If You Bought One You're Too Stupid To Use Money

7/3/2018 - This Bizarre Beef Is The Real Story Behind Those Anti-Volkswagen Political Attack Ads (UPDATED)

7/3/2018 - U.S. Oil Prices Are At Their Highest Since 2014

7/3/2018 - It's Possible To Have Mixed Feelings About Tesla

7/3/2018 - Your Gigantic Six Hours Of The Glen Photo Gallery Is Here

7/3/2018 - The 2018 Audi RS4 Avant Is The Clean Cut Performance Wagon Of Your Dreams

7/3/2018 - This Year's Last Full Run Of Pikes Peak Was A Wild Ride Through Hail, Fog And Snow

7/3/2018 - States That Build Cars Will Be Particularly Screwed By Trump's Trade War

7/3/2018 - The 2018 Honda Civic Type R Brought Me To Best Road From Initial D 

7/3/2018 - Here's How To Travel With Fireworks As Safely As Possible

7/3/2018 - How The Tenth Death Linked To A Dangerous Goodyear RV Tire Went Unknown

7/3/2018 - Roll Up To The Club With Your Two Best Friends In This Three-Seat Formula One Car

7/3/2018 - Tesla Hit Its Model 3 Milestone But Now The Model S Is 800 Cars Behind

7/3/2018 - I Guess This Is How You Fit A C-130 In A Parking Lot

7/3/2018 - The Julie Ruin — 'I Decide'

7/3/2018 - At $6,600, Might This 2001 Nissan S/C Crew Cab Pickup Be Your Final Frontier?

7/2/2018 - Meh Car Monday: The Empty Scent Of The Sentra

7/2/2018 - The Polestar 1 Configurator Is Sort Of Depressing

7/2/2018 - Here's A Ridiculous Amount Of Dinos Gathered For Its 50th Anniversary

7/2/2018 - How NASCAR Driver Clint Bowyer Came Back From Three Major Speeding Penalties To Finish Fifth In Chicago

7/2/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Stef's Fever Dream Edition 

7/2/2018 - Here Is How You Can Legally Own A Mazda 2 Hatchback In The Mainland U.S.

7/2/2018 - I Can't Believe I Have To Remind You To Always Park In The Shade

7/2/2018 - Tesla's Top Vehicle Engineer Is Out [Updated: He Is Not The Top Engineer, Only Elon Musk Is ;-)]

7/2/2018 - LA's Rental Scooters Have Reached An Unfortunate Turning Point

7/2/2018 - I Scared Mr. Regular In My Mitsubishi Lancer GTS On A Race Track

7/2/2018 - NYC Study Backs Minimum Wage Of $17.22 For Uber, Lyft Drivers (Updated)

7/2/2018 - The SUV Boom Is Killing Us

7/2/2018 - Find Out Why Everyone's So Hyped On '80s And '90s Cars Now

7/2/2018 - See How A 2018 BMW M3 With The Competition Package Compares To A Regular M4 On The Dyno

7/2/2018 - What It Was Like To See Pikes Peak's Record Get Obliterated By An Electric Car

7/2/2018 - More Cars Need Built-In Umbrellas

7/2/2018 - The Art Of Flipping $200,000 Dodge Challenger SRT Demons Out Of A Small Town In Texas 

7/2/2018 - This 1974 BMW 3.0CSi Is Beyond Gone And That Makes Me Beyond Sad

7/2/2018 - It's Officially Too Hot Out When Even The Damn Bridge Needs Cooling Off (Updated)

7/2/2018 - The 2019 BMW X4 M40i Makes The Case For Ridiculous Crossovers

7/2/2018 - Tesla Did It, With A Ton Of Caveats

7/2/2018 - This Retaliation-Filled NASCAR Finish Was The Best

7/2/2018 - Now Comes Tesla's Real Test

7/2/2018 - The First Of Toyota's New GR Performance Line Is Still Sort Of Boring

7/2/2018 - M83 — 'Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun'

7/2/2018 - At $2,800, Could This 2004 Saturn Ion Quad Coupe Redline Put You Over The Moon?

7/1/2018 - IMSA Put Up Six Hours Of Incredible Racing At Watkins Glen

7/1/2018 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Pikes Peak Wallpapers Are Here

7/1/2018 - Volkswagen Built Their Pikes Peak Winning I.D. R's Test Mule Out Of This Golf 

7/1/2018 - Only 60 People In The World Can Afford To Buy This Ferrari 250 GTO

7/1/2018 - Tesla Reportedly Hit The 5,000 A Week Model 3 Production Goal Today (Updated)

7/1/2018 - Travis Pastrana Will Attempt To Do What Evel Knievel Couldn't

7/1/2018 - Tesla Is Still Figuring Out The Model 3 As It Builds Them

7/1/2018 - Lewis Hamilton Ends 33 Grands Prix Points Streak With A Mercedes Double-Retirement 

7/1/2018 - The 797 HP 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Will Be $15,000 Cheaper Than The Demon

7/1/2018 - Bring Back Side Stripes