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If There Is A Back To The Future Remake The Time Machine Must Be A Fisker Karma

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

Wait, no, scratch that. I am very much NOT sorry, because this take makes too much sense. The rules for a proper Back To The Future time machine are:

  1. The car looks cool as shit
  2. The company that made it is spectacularly dead
  3. It is simultaneously both terrible and yet spectacular

By the time Back To The Future debuted in 1985, the famed DeLorean DMC-12 had already been out of production for two years following the collapse of DeLorean. And the DeLorean was a futuristic car, with gullwing doors and a very weird engine setup for the American market (a rear-mounted PRV V6, which was mostly just a terrible and odd French-Swedish collaboration).

The Fisker Karma is in a similar boat. If a BTTF re-make were made today (which I have no knowledge that one will ever be made, nor should one ever be made, because as it exists it is a perfect film), the Karma would have been out of production for six years. That’s a good amount of time, and yet it still looks futuristic. Its engine is weird, since it doesn’t power the wheels directly, but rather powers a generator that powers batteries that power electric motors that power the wheels.


Also, it looks good, which is a VITAL component for any time machine. Doc Brown famously noted that “the way I see it, if you’re going to build a time machine with a car you might as well do it with some style,” and the Fisker Karma definitely has that in droves:


It’s loopy and swoopy and it’s got side exhausts and it makes a totally awesome WOO-WOOO-WOOOO sound as it goes by on electric-only mode. Listen:

So clearly, it satisfies rule number one. The Fisker Karma also satisfies rule number two, in that Fisker the car company is very much kaput, and no, the re-make that might be the Karma Revero doesn’t count.

But is it simultaneously both terrible AND spectacular? Yes, my friends, it is. Our own Jason Torchinsky drove a Fisker Karma, who proudly proclaimed that “you’ll love it, for the half hour of life left before you die,” presumably after being asphyxiated by those extremely lovely side exhausts:

I know, I know, we once posed the question of what car should be in a Back to the Future remake, but frankly, all the answers garnered were wrong.


The Back to the Future remake that should never be made should feature Jeff Goldblum as Doc, Tom Holland as Marty McFly, and a Fisker Karma as the time machine.