The Owner Of The Fisker I Trashed On Video Makes A Stern Rebuttal Video

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I had this coming. There’s no question about that. I went to Sid’s home, drove his (mostly) wonderful cars, and ate his bagels. And, after we made our first Citroën C6/Fisker Karma comparison video, we made another one where, basically, I bitched about the Fisker like a crazy man. I sort of hoped Sid wouldn’t see that one.

He saw that one.


This whole thing is a good example of what can make reviewing privately-owned cars tricky. See, when I bitch about how stupid some part of the Lincoln MKC’s design is, I don’t stay awake at night hoping I didn’t make Lincoln feel bad. I’m unable to donate a rat’s rectum about that.

But Sid’s a person. A nice person who let me drive his interesting cars. So, when that Fisker first gave me that face blast of exhaust or tried to compress my testicles, I knew I couldn’t keep these things hidden from you, my sexy, sexy readers, but at the same time, I didn’t really want to trash-talk a man’s car.


But I did. For a solid minute and a half of video. I’m sure when Sid saw that video, he muttered “that filthy little bastard” and tore his laptop in half with his bare hands. I’m probably lucky all he decided to do was make a video in response.

And you know what? It’s good. Really good. Sid covers every one of my complaints, and provides concrete, completely non-fabricated examples of what those things I saw as flaws are really fantastic features.


So, Sid, you win. I’m starting to save for my brand-new Fisker Karma right now, complete with mixed-nuts crusher, great dane interior-room, exterior sausage-smoker, and full expansion-jointed panel alignment.

Just try not to deck me when I come to drive that fantastic Metropolitan.