Everything Wrong With The Fisker Karma In 90 Seconds

You know, that headline’s not really fair. The video is actually 96 seconds, and there’s way, way more wrong with the Fisker Karma. Still, if you can spare an extra six seconds, it’s not a bad start.


This Blip was cut from extra content we had when we filmed the Jason Drives episode where I compare the Fisker to a Citroën C6. We left a lot of this out of the comparo because Sid, the nice man who owns both cars, really, really loves the Karma and I just didn’t have the heart to put this in the main review. It was very kind of him to let us drive it, but I just don’t feel the same way he does about the car.

Also, most of the time I was with the Karma, I was surrounded by two of Sid’s friends who kept going on and on about how much better it was than a Tesla. Those poor deluded bastards.

Of course, no one has to tell him about this Blip, right? Right. So let’s bitch away about all the awful, puzzling things about the Fisker Karma that normally get overlooked when you’re just focusing on why the interior is so damn cramped.

Some of these things I expected going in, like the massive, quarter-swallowing panel gaps and the overall poor build quality. What I wasn’t expecting was the surprise facefulls of exhaust or the steering wheel tilt motor that wanted to crush my balls into a lumpy paste.


Seriously, that tilt motor is no joke. If you’re bigger than me (a reasonable guess) it would be even worse, since the wheel would have even less room for unobstructed downward travel. That wheel could easily pin your legs to the seat, and if something happened to the rocker switch, your ass would be stuck.

And that’s assuming you managed to get your balls (if owned) out of the way in time.


If you’re in the market for a Fisker and you enjoy breathing air and having non-crushed balls, I implore you to watch this short video.

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