Normally, I don’t consider myself a genocidal maniac, but if I had the opportunity, resources, and necessary permits, I’d genocide the hell out of mosquitoes. Fuck mosquitoes. I wish I had a an orbiting satellite that could emit a beam that converts mosquitoes into fireflies en masse. Keeping in mind that mosquitoes are the worst, this video of an Alaskan work truck covered in mosquitoes should be enough to make your day miserable.

Here, watch this to feel better about wherever you are that isn’t teeming with mosquitoes:

Guuuh, fuck that. Nope nope nope nope. I’ve heard Alaska in the summer is teeming with mosquitoes, but even knowing that doesn’t make seeing this any easier.

This guy should just call in sick and put that F-250 up for sale, and walk the hell away.

Uggg. Mosquitoes.