Turns Out You Can't Remove A Jeep Engine With A Giant Tow Strap And A Tree

Gif: BleepinJeep (YouTube)
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One poor Jeep Grand Cherokee is going to get wrecked in this at the hands of the biggest tow strap I’ve ever seen. Dry your misty eyes, for this ZJ did not crash in vain. It died for the laughs.

The original goal was to pluck the engine clean out of the ZJ. Engineering Explained even did the math on what they would (in theory) need to do the magical ten-second engine removal.

BleepinJeep then hooked up a 300-pound, 300-foot-long strap to a tree and a Jeep and let them battle in the ultimate game of tug-of-war in hopes of removing the engine. The Jeep was previously wounded from other “field day” shenanigans, but nobly charges forward. It misses its targets, and in the end, bravely keeps its engine. Turns out, it’s pretty well connected up in there!

Just remember: if you’re having a bad day, at least you’re not a mannequin getting hit by its own butt.

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