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When we last left off from the Faraday Future saga, we learned that the company had been awarded a temporary certificate of occupancy at its Hanford, California factory. Following that, it seems like production has indeed begun, with the company announcing its first complete FF 91 body-in-white.

This means that the company has started full-car assembly. The manufacturing tech used included over 1,500 self-piercing rivets for joining up the aluminum body structure, aluminum-resistant spot welding, cold metal transfer welding and a special screw technology that is good for a “uni-directional joining process.”


The result is, in essence, the shell of the car. You can see the frame and the doors with things like the interior, engine, transmission, etc. coming later.

The company says that it’s aiming for deliveries to start in December through the middle of 2019. The order book for those wishing to place pre-orders has been open since the start of this year to those Faraday Future revoltingly calls “FF Futurists.”

Faraday Future also hasn’t backed down from the claim that its first production car will have over 1,000 horsepower. December’s not that far away. We’ll see if it happens.


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