This Video of a Range Rover Sport SVR Going Up the Hill at Goodwood on Two Wheels Gets Extremely Tense

Terry Grant, a stunt driver who’s more than a little familiar with the Goodwood Festival of Speed, had already crashed out once this year trying to do the Hillclimb on two wheels. But then, later that day, he tried again.


Here’s the video, which I hope you see with virgin eyes. It gets real nervy around 1:52, when it looks like Grant might crash again.

Not bad, eh?

Grant drove the Range Rover up the hill in two minutes and 24.5 seconds, officially setting some kind of record, according to Goodwood, though that was slower than when Grant took a Nissan Juke RS Nismo up the hill on two wheels in 2015, which he did in two minutes and 10 seconds.

Try one wheel next time, Terry.

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I’m amazed it didn’t need service by the :47 mark.