This weekend is the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and thereā€™s no shortage of cool stuff going on. One stunt featured a driver turning donuts in a legends car, but he didnā€™t leave it at thatā€”the guy hopped out, grabbed an audience memberā€™s cellphone while the car kept spinning and got right back in the car, filming it all.

The driver is Terry Grant, who currently holds 23 world records for his driving antics. Itā€™s a good thing this guy has balance, because heā€™s not wearing a helmet or gloves when he hops in and out of the vehicle:

The move is enough to make anyone without coordination imagine themselves crashing straight into the pavement. According to FOX Sports, Grant didnā€™t do the stunt just onceā€”he did it on both Friday and Saturday, with the second one in the rain.

FOX Sports reports that, as expected, Grant returned the phones to their owners both times. Hereā€™s hoping that they upload the videos at some point, and if you find one, feel free to share it in the comments.

Thereā€™s a live stream for all of the activities at the Goodwood festival over the weekend as well. With how light the motorsports schedule is over the next two days, you shouldnā€™t have much trouble dividing up your attention.