What Single Car Mod Has Helped You Out the Most?

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My car is completely stock, so I’m always curious as to what other people who do mod their cars like to add. You might be the type of person who has modified their car so heavily that it’s unrecognizable from what it used to be. You might just do some light modding to fit your exacting tastes. If that’s the case, then what was the one single mod that you feel your car has benefited from the most?

Maybe you’ve done thousands of modification, maybe you’ve only done one. It can be functional or purely aesthetic, both are equally as important.

But there has to be one where, after you applied it, you stepped back and went, “Yes.” Was it a turbo kit? An intake? Bigger wheels? A decal?


No mod is too small or minor for the purpose of this discussion. Why was that particular modification so useful and good?

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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

Tires.  You can mod the crap out of everything else on your car, but if you can’t grip, you’re just wasting your money.  I finally got a set of summer tires this year, a bit wider than stock, and I can take a corner like I never could before.  It feels like a completely different car.  Always start with tires.