This Is How You'd Build Your Best Sleeper Cars

The unicorn to end all unicorns.

Sleeper cars are fun because you can thrash most of the competition with them and then pass right by law enforcement without alerting anyone of the fun you’ve just had. What could be better?


Last week, I asked you guys how you’d build your best sleeper cars. I wanted you to get creative; the sky was the limit. You didn’t have any budget restrictions, you didn’t have to worry about maintenance or reliability. Hell, it didn’t even matter if your sleeper car was physically impossible.

And this is what you guys came up with. These cars are a blast.

Someone should build one for real.

Bomber Saab (Casual Gearheads)

A Swedish fighter jet for the streets.

Everyday Rally-er (Patrick Frawley)

Snow and dirt would never stop you.


Volvo V70 RS (Molemann)

I always thought that chassis needed a flat-six.


Godzilla’s Chubbier Cousin (SennaMP4)

Imagine all the people you could fling into warp-speed.


Victoria and Her Japanese Heart (Dedischado)

Love it.


Sleeper Lexus (ChampagneChariot)

I enjoy the CT200H. Let’s make a racing hybrid out of it.


Magic Triangles (zootsim)

Put the spinning Doritos in everything.


Disturber of the Peace (MorganGT)

Sleeper means quiet, too.


The V90 (NebraskaStig)

I always thought the V90 was kind of slow out of the factory.


Good (djmt1)

You have good taste.


AMC Trackeaglehawk (Mr. Blandings)

The VW isn’t bad, either.


Car Outfit (Rosin)

As Stephen pointed out, the engine would be wearing the car.


Clean (Yes I drive a 240... Sort of)

This is so, so clean.


Roadmaster (The Actual RootWyrm)

In my mind, the wagon was the only one.


Smart (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ “Collects” smart Cars)

I am Here for the twin-engine Smart. That would be a riot.


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