Local Moron Straps Washing Machine to SUV Hood Instead of Perfectly Good Roof Rack

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An Abilene, Texas Jeep Liberty owner received a warning from police for his absolutely inexplicable decision to strap an entire washing machine to his hood, completely obscuring his vision ahead of the car. The Jeep has a seemingly intact roof rack, on a seemingly intact roof. Why didn’t he strap it to the roof? What the hell is wrong with this guy?

The incident happened about two weeks ago, but I feel like if you’re doing something like this, it’s worth getting a little bit of internet guff for it, even if it is two weeks later.


I’m just baffled by this whole thing. Why? Why didn’t he strap it to the roof, if it wouldn’t fit in the cargo area? Hell, I once carried a full-sized washing machine in the back of my wife’s Scion xB—this wouldn’t have even fit halfway in the back of that Liberty?

I guess the washing machine would have been a big lift for the Jeep’s roof rack, which is probably rated to carry about 150 pounds. But I bet the hood is rated to carry a lot less.


Did this person actually strap this thing to his hood, hop in the driver’s seat, looked out the windshield to an unbroken expanse of majestic Maytag, and thought, “ah, good enough.” I’m sure he figured he could just drive by the instruments, you know, like pilots do.

He just got a warning? I mean, somehow he did make it home, where he was actually stopped by police, so I suppose some credit is due there. Maybe the police felt pity on this poor bastard, who seems so completely incapable of making any rational decisions whatsoever.


HE HAD A FUCKING ROOF RACK. Was the washing machine afraid of heights? I’m so confused.