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The Sherp is basically a set of 60-inch tires bunched together and hooked up to a tractor engine. It’s not very fast or comfortable, but holy moly can it chug its way through anything.

We first heard about the Sherp in 2016, when our Hungarian friend Máté accurately deemed it the best truck in the universe. Since then, I’ve pretty much only seen the things on the YouTube channel ostacruiser, which is nothing but hardcore mud bogging shenanigans. Which is exactly where this brick-shaped beast shines.

Why would anyone ever take a quad into that much slop? I don’t know. I don’t like mudding because it’s filthy and horrible. Watching other people suffer through... now that I can get behind.


My dear friend David Tracy is into this weird sloppy slogging off-road shit, but I personally prefer to go wheeling in the desert where everything’s nice and dry and clean. And dry.

I do love seeing other people’s equipment do work, though. And I’m always amazed at what a little determination and a lot of throttle will get something through. A mud pit that can mire a Sherp this much is particularly exciting to see.

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