Check out that bumper right there. See that wrinkling? See that bending? See all that God Damn Fire? That’s right. These Australians did a burnout SO HARD that they melted the fucking bumper.

We’ve seen flaming burnouts before, but frankly, they never get old. It’s one thing to burnout so hard that you ruin your tires. It’s another to burnout so hard that you set the whole thing ablaze, and start ruining parts of your car in the process. It’s just so, so metal. Even if it is, you know, rubber


Good on you, Australia, the promised land of hoonage.

(Please Note: Contrary to what you think, there is actually NO profanity in this post. This post is in Australian, and “profanity” is a foreign concept to the great Australian culture, language, and people. Dingo.)