Allow This Video of an Audi R8 Being Detailed Lull You Into a Deep State of Relaxation

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Man, it has been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday. We all deserve the kind of mental break only a video of a Audi being comprehensively detailed can provide. Automotive detailing is an expensive treat, whether it’s for a Toyota Camry or a Bugatti Chiron. That’s because it involves cleaning every crevice and every speck out of and off of a vehicle, along with other stuff like fancy coatings and washes to make that vehicle look better than it did even in the showroom.

A hobbyist detailer who converted his residential garage into a shop he calls Rad Garage posted a recent detail job on YouTube, where he took a 2017 Audi R8 and rewound its clock to look like it was still on a high-end showroom display. Aside from a few tasteful product placements, it’s like a car-enthusiast equivalent of those videos in the “satisfying kinetic sand cutting” genre on YouTube. (Things get really kinetic-sand-esque during the foam bath at nearly eight minutes in.)

Here, sit back and enjoy 16 minutes of relaxation and vicarious cleaning success:

The video goes from the intense cleaning of the R8’s interior to its V10 engine, where coats of dust and particles of who knows what stuck in harder places to reach are often ignored by us normal folks who aren’t paid to meticulously clean cars. All of that gets wiped out and away before the detailer moves to the wheels and exterior, foaming it all up and wiping it down to reveal a clean, sparkling car that hopefully won’t stay clean and sparkling for long.


What? You can’t expect someone park an R8 just because it looks nice.

Anyway, enjoy it. It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy regularly cleaning things to perfection themselves, but watching other people do it really is quite satisfying.


[h/t Motor1]