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The McLaren Speedtail Is the Name of Your Next Three-Seat Hypercar

Illustration for article titled The McLaren Speedtail Is the Name of Your Next Three-Seat Hypercar

We’ve been calling it by its project name BP23. We’ve been thinking about it as the three-seat successor to the McLaren F1. But now know it by its official name: McLaren Speedtail, and this is possibly because McLaren has run out of other names to give it.


McLaren justified the name with the following explanation: “Name evocative of a peak speed higher than any McLaren yet and flowing, highly streamlined design.”

Apparently the company is gunning for a higher top speed than the F1's 243 mph, which is kind of funny, since the original F1 famously never attempted to set a high top speed it just kind of fell into it by way of filling out its actual design brief, to be as unfiltered and perfect a driver’s car as conceivably possible. Oh wait, we knew that already. Nevermind.


McLaren is calling it a “Hyper-GT” and says it will be the most luxurious McLaren ever. I am very much intrigued. We’ll see it at Geneva, after the 106 people who have reserved it, then leak photos of it online from their Blackberries.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Epic Failure

Glad it’s a real name instead of a new multimedia file format/extension.

How many people thing the “right” way to determine a file type is by examining the file header?