Watch a VW Scirocco Flip Three Times While Crashing on the Nurburgring

The VW after the wreck
The VW after the wreck
Screenshot: Auto Addiction (Youtube)

We’re used to seeing crashes on the infamous Nurburgring, but few are quite as violent as the wreck that totaled this Volkswagen Scirocco.


After a messy exit from the previous corner put her on the grass, the driver pulled the VW back onto the road but still had way too much speed for the upcoming corner. She comes into the corner hot and slides hard into the guardrail, sending the Scirocco flipping three times before it came to rest. The video below, uploaded by Auto Addiction, capture the whole incident.

Shockingly, the passenger cell appears to have remained intact in the high-speed impact. According to the video description from uploader Auto Addiction, the driver was able to get out of the car herself.


The car is obviously a write-off, but it’s nice to know that you can overcook it on one of the world’s fiercest tracks and a modern car will still protect you. Not that we’d recommend it, of course.

H/T to Autoblog.

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Ash78, just done until Kinja is fixed for good

I got worried it was a classic Scirocco, but it was just one of those stylized GTIs that we don’t get here in the US.

Probably didn’t adjust her tire pressure to cope with all the chalk drawings on the tarmac.