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Sometimes really cool cars come out and, for whatever reason, we forget about them. And then one day, the magic of depreciation takes hold and some interesting opportunities arise. This is the case with the Audi RS5, which was off my radar for awhile, only to reappear and for a great price too.

In 2013, Audi created what I would consider the “gentleman’s muscle car”—the RS5 coupe. Audi crammed a naturally aspirated 450 HP 4.2 liter V8, lifted from the R8 supercar into a comfortable two-door and then bulked out the bodywork to make it looks like it means business. Of course, all that power was put down via Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system, making it pretty easy to live with year round. Unfortunately, it was only available with a dual-clutch automatic.


Starting price at the time was about $70,000 and the model was sold until 2015 making it one of the last German performance cars for sale with a naturally aspirated V8. Now that turbos have taken over, the market for these “old school” rides will start to climb.

Right now you can get a nice RS5 coupe with reasonable miles for right around $40,000. That is a significant chunk of change but it’s similar to what you would pay for a well equipped Mustang or Camaro or even, I dunno... a Kia Stinger.

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So if you have forty large to spend on something with two doors and an excellent V8 rumble, but don’t want to worry about cold weather traction, take a wide look for a well-sorted RS5 coupe.

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