What Was The Most Nightmarish Test Drive You've Ever Been On?

Screenshot: Mitsubishi Motors North America (YouTube)
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Being a car salesperson can be a tough job. I mean, you have to deal with customers, who you and I know are usually the worst kind of people. Then again, the sales people can have their own issues. I feel like no place makes these issues come out more than the test drive. What’s your horror story?


We’re talking about the test drive today and we want your most memorable stories, whether you were the prospective car buyer or just a sales monkey trying to seal the deal and get home at a reasonable time.

Personally, I can’t imagine being willing to go on test drives. I am uncomfortable with the idea of putting my life in the hands (and passenger seat) of an unknown person with unknown driving capabilities. You are already braver than I am if you do this for a living.

Did the customer speed dangerously and excessively? Did they crash? Were they pulled over? Did they vomit in the car? Oh, God, did they try to steal the car?

And on the other side of the equation: did the sales person do something batshit crazy? This is your space to vent. What was the most nightmarish test drive you’ve ever been on?

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