When I asked you yesterday why turnover in car sales was so high, I wasn’t quite prepared for the response. Hundreds of you weighed in with stories that were by turns thoughtful and, occasionally, very bleak. There’s a LOT of booze in car sales, it turns out, and enough pressure to make Glengarry Glen Ross look like a delightful work environment.

The last time I bought a car in at a dealership was in 2008, when I bought a used Saturn Ion (I know) that I ended up totaling on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway a few years later. I remember the salesman then being a bit sedate, even cold, which surprised me, since I expected a bit more attention given that, unlike I imagine a lot of people he sees, I was there to buy, not just look. But maybe he was just having a bad day; indeed, according to you guys, sales staff are constantly having bad days.

Here your most shocking stories about car sales, which include many, many bad days:

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