Your Most Appalling And Bleak Stories Of Working At Car Dealerships

When I asked you yesterday why turnover in car sales was so high, I wasn’t quite prepared for the response. Hundreds of you weighed in with stories that were by turns thoughtful and, occasionally, very bleak. There’s a LOT of booze in car sales, it turns out, and enough pressure to make Glengarry Glen Ross look like a delightful work environment.

The last time I bought a car in at a dealership was in 2008, when I bought a used Saturn Ion (I know) that I ended up totaling on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway a few years later. I remember the salesman then being a bit sedate, even cold, which surprised me, since I expected a bit more attention given that, unlike I imagine a lot of people he sees, I was there to buy, not just look. But maybe he was just having a bad day; indeed, according to you guys, sales staff are constantly having bad days.

Here your most shocking stories about car sales, which include many, many bad days:

Sharks Hiding In Lots (MattDeZ)


Fuck The Customer (Manin Pub (told me so it must be true))

CarMax Might Not Be That Bad? (ShaneMorris)


More on CarMax! (Dake)


$200 Per Car Sold (kosmokenny)


Functioning And Non-Functioning Alcoholics (DannyO)


Weird Talk About Cadillacs’ Crumple Zones! (mallthus)


Quitting On Principle (bakatadi)


A Reasoned Take (As Du Volant)


The Bleakest Of Them All (Mini Mid-life Crisis, formerly Porschebago)

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Man not sure where these people work? I sell Chevy in Michigan we are open 9 am till 6pm and till 9pm on Monday and Thursday. No saturday or Sundays. Every sales person here has been here at least 10 years. We work our own deals, no manager involved at all and that includes Finance (back end products) We work the deal from start to finish. There is not one sales person here that doesn’t make at least 100k a year. I can’t even remember the last person that quit here? The owner gives every sales person a $3000 to $4000 christmas bonus, has free lunches catered (prime rib, steak, high end Italian)in at least once a month. We get full benefits and 4 weeks of vacation each year after 10 years on the job. We can take any day of for personal reason without as much as as a why do you need to be off. Last week a friend from out of town called me Thursday, and said he was in town, and wanted to go out in the boat, and to a concert the next day, I called in the next morning, and said I won’t be in I’m going out on my boat, manager said see you Monday.