Changing the Oil in a Bugatti Veyron Is a Huge Pain in the Ass

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Screenshot: Royalty Exotic Cars (YouTube)

Annual service for the Bugatti Veyron is alleged to cost $20,000, so you might assume that working on the car is difficult. Your assumption is correct. Just watch what the team from Las Vegas-based exotic car rental company Royalty Exotics has to go through just to get access to the fluids and air filters.


Houston Crosta, who owns the company and its 37 exotic rental cars (among other vehicles), joined his team of technicians to take a look at the hydraulic leak coming from his Veyron’s rear spoiler. Accessing that leaky part required the removal of the engine cover, and—as you can see in the video below—that was a hell of a job:

After removing tons of bolts, including some in the wheel wells, some just behind the cabin’s rear glass, and some holding the fuel filler cap on, the team took off the panel, which was necessary to access the hydraulic fluid fill location (which ties in with the fluid transmission circuit) and also one of the coolant bottles, which the team wanted to inspect.

While they were working on the car, Houston and his team decided to conduct an oil change, which necessitated the removal of sixteen drain plugs. Sixteen! On the plus side, the oil filter replacement process looked fairly standard. Just unscrew it, remove the filter, snap a new one on along with a new o-ring seal, and that’s it.

One of the technicians, Jesse, told me over the phone that doing just the oil change wouldn’t necessarily have required removing the engine cover, though he did say that an official Bugatti tech would go through that arduous process just to inspect the engine.

So if you’re out there hunting for a used, tattered Veyron on Craigslist with plans to wrench on it in your driveway, just know: It’s probably going to suck.

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What kind of person goes to Vegas and rents a Veyron? Do they think people (bouncers? valets?) will assume it’s theirs? With a big “Royalty Exotics” graphic on the side?

I assume they don’t rent to just anyone, but on the other hand, I would think the shameless poseur crowd has to make up 95% of their customer base.