Porsche's Super-Fast Electric Charging Stations Are Coming

Porsche’s first fast chargers
Porsche’s first fast chargers
Photo: Porsche

Porsche has rolled out a smart gameplan for the debut of its Misison E all-electric sport car—now unfortunately dubbed the Taycan—by coupling efforts to install super-fast DC chargers at all of its U.S. dealerships with the car’s release. Now, Porsche says it has its first set of 800-volt, 320 kW chargers connected to a grid.


Outside a dealership at the Berlin-Adlershof Technology Park, two parking spaces are now equipped with Porsche’s charging infrastructure, the automaker said on Tuesday.

With 800 volts of power, Porsche says the Taycan can be rejuiced at a much quicker pace than traditional DC fast-charging stations. The car is expected to carry a range of about 300 miles on a single charge, and Porsche believes its charging system can net an estimated 250 miles in about 20 minutes.

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Porsche’s approach mirrors the track Tesla has taken with its network of Superchargers, and it’ll make life a lot easier for owners who want to travel with their Taycan at long distances. By the end of next year, it plans to have 500 fast charging stations in place across the U.S. (Tesla had nearly 400 about a year ago, when it announced a plan to double the size of the Supercharger network.)

Porsche also showed off the user interface for its new smartphone app, and what it’ll look like when the Taycan’s getting charged.


The app should be fairly straightforward for users. Porsche says it’ll navigate customers directly to suitable charging stations available wherever they may be.

For those who happen to be in Berlin any time soon, Porsche says the new chargers are available to all electric vehicles that are equipped for its connection, but only the Taycan can take advantage of the 800 kW power. The charging park is available for free during normal operating hours of the facility, and Porsche says its staff can provide information about the charging process.



Maybe the folks with a Tesla know this but how much does it actually cost to fully charge an electric car? I just paid $42 in Premium gas to fill up my A4 which gets me about 300 miles, will charging a 80-100 kWh electric car at home (or at Porsche charger) cost the same, half as much, even less?  I live in California if that helps.