News of Porsche developing its gorgeous Mission E concept into an all-electric sports car lineup has been very exciting, at least up until this point. According to a presentation by the CEO, the production version will unfortunately be called the “Taycan.”

The name was announced at Porsche’s 70th anniversary celebrations today by CEO Oliver Blume. According to Reuters, Porsche claims the “Taycan” name means “lively, young horse” and is meant to be a play on the symbolism of Porsche’s coat of arms. It sounds silly, though, doesn’t it?


The, ugh, Taycan will be an all-electric sports sedan meant to be the first real challenger to the Tesla Model S, and will go into production next year. According to earlier reports, the Taycan could have as much as 670 horsepower with an expected range of nearly 300 miles.

It’s just such an unfortunate name, because now, this is all we can think of:

Illustration: Jason Torchinsky

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