Aston Martin Wants to Make Sure Its First EV Will Be Able to Lap the Nürburgring, Which Is Hard

The current generation of Aston Martin’s lineup has truly incredible performance chops, and since the automaker is engineering its first electric car called the Aston Martin RapidE, it wants to make sure its batteries are capable of keeping up on a hot lap of the nefarious Nürburgring, which current EVs would struggle…

The Porsche Mission E Ushers In Our Terrifyingly Fast And Silent Electric Future

The Porsche Mission E, in a heated battle with the wind over which can make a quieter “whoosh” sound, tested on the Nürburgring recently. It’s what cars do. If you have negative opinions about it or electric cars overall, do not share them out loud. Your whispers won’t be quiet enough to keep a secret from this thing.