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Porsche Is Developing An All-Electric Sports And Supercar Platform: Report

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite being the more exciting cars to read about and drive, sports cars and supercars usually aren’t on an automaker’s top moneymaker list. Which is why the first wave of electric offerings will be cars that appeal to the mass market. After that is when the fun stuff starts coming out, if this chatter about Porsche is to be believed.

Porsche is allegedly developing a platform for electric sports cars and supercars called SPE, reports Automotive News Europe, with a unnamed senior VW group executive familiar with the plan confirming that the platform is “for two-door sports cars and supercars.”


The first cars using the SPE platform supposedly won’t be seen until after 2025, which put them after the Porsche Mission E’s estimated 2019 debut.

From there, the platform could also be used in other Volkswagen Group offerings, like Lamborghini, which showed off the Terzo Millennio electric concept in November.


Additionally, in a report from November, Automobile Magazine’s Georg Kacher reported that Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini were all “advised” by VW to start thinking about hybrids and EVs in the coming years.

In this Volkswagen Group planning presentation, there is one mention of the SPE platform, where it is called a “dedicated Architecture for sport segment” and the timeline has it debuting as the automaker’s third wave of EVs, taking place around 2025.

Volkswagen’s first wave of EVs will use the MEB platform, which will underpin its all-electric I.D. series.


Volkswagen declined to comment for Automotive News Europe’s story.