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We see cars like this Peugeot 206 pulled over every now and again, and I’ll admit I have pretty complex feelings when I see these. Part of me thinks it’s insane and dangerous as hell to drive a car in this condition on a public road. And that part is right. But there’s another, stupider part that’s weirdly impressed. Maybe it suspects that I myself am just a couple of bad decisions away from committing an equally idiotic act.

This particular idiotic act involved what looks like about 80 percent of a Peugeot 206 being driven around Norfolk in the UK. The local police tweeted about the state of the vehicle:


That’s pretty bad. It’s night, there’s no lights of any kind on the front of the car, it’s riding on what looks to be at least two temporary donut spares that appear to have been dredged from a river, and one of those is flat. There’s no instruments, no front fender, no driver’s seat, and, significantly, no steering wheel.

I think the most remarkable part of this is that not just that the driver was on a bucket, but that it’s a pretty shitty bucket.

I mean, if this was my car, the first thing I’d do is head over to Home Depot and get myself one of those sweet-ass orange buckets. Those things look like a dream to drive on, inverted.

Also, maybe I’d Plasti-Dip the handles on those vise grips, for, you know, real comfort. Because I’m a demanding driver.

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