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Watch All Of Travis Pastrana's Evel Knievel Record-Breaking Jumps

The wildest part is how easy he makes it all look. I could do that, you think, watching Travis Pastrana clear 16 buses, I just don’t want to.


The other question that pops up is wondering why Evel Knievel himself couldn’t manage these jumps. Pastrana makes it all look just so effortless. It’s probably that Evel was too busy:

  • Drinking
  • Hitting his kid
  • Getting zonked from eating too many turkey legs
  • Complaining that his suit didn’t have enough stars on it

In any case, please do enjoy Travis’ jumps of great excellence. These videos won’t embed here so you’ll have to click through to get to the full YouTube clips. Click here to watch his jump clearing 52 crushed cars:


Watch his jump clearing 16 Greyhound buses here:

Watch his finale jumping the Caesars Palace fountain here:


Our own Bradley Brownell was present and wrote an amazing story of what it was like. Read that in full below.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Takuro Spirit

Alright Jalops, lets identify as many of the 52 cars as we can...