This Sports Bra Is Perfect for Featuring a Couple of Boobs

Image: DriveTribe

Ladies, have you been searching for that perfect undergarment, one that supports, lifts and often catches fire? Have you been looking for a bra that, when you raise your shirt in a romantic setting, causes your partner to point at your chest and say “Hey! I recognize those from TV!”

Of course you have.

Luckily, the DriveTribe store knows what women want—the mugs of Richard Hammond and James May screen printed right across their chests. DriveTribe wisely stuck the two most charming hosts on the front of the bra.


The real party’s out back, where they gave Jermey Clarkston a sort of ‘OBEY’ treatment.

Personally, I love this thing. There aren’t a ton of products aimed specifically at women who love cars that aren’t pink, or stupid. This bra is both fun and functional. Not only is it made of moisture-absorbing polyester for those low to medium work outs, it sends a message. The front says “great to see you, welcome to the show” while the scowling Clarkston on the back says “don’t fuck this up, this is a woman who exercised and she will punch you in a hangry rage.”

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