Here's How A Hungry Face-Punch Led To The Grand Tour

Well, we’re finally here. We’ve just witnessed the inaugural episode of The Grand Tour. It doesn’t feel like a whole lot of time has gone by since Jeremy Clarkson was fired from Top Gear, but in fact it’s been over a year and a half. Much has happened since then!


To recap, here are the events that brought us here.

March 2015

  • News of Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from Top Gear breaks. The show isn’t broadcasted the following Sunday. The details for this aren’t clear and all we know is that there was a “fracas.”
  • We learn that the “fracas” involved Jeremy Clarkson punching a producer. Also, two more episodes of Top Gear series 22 are suspended.
  • Oisin Tymon is identified as the unfortunate producer who bore the brunt of Clarkson’s hangry wrath.
  • The BBC cancels the last, unaired episodes of Top Gear series 22.
  • Richard Hammond and James May reportedly refuse to film any more Top Gear without their pal.
  • Jeremy Clarkson is officially fired from Top Gear.

April 2015

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015

September 2015

  • Will the new show be called “Gear Knobs”? Hmm...

October 2015

February 2016

  • Clarkson settles his whole punched-a-dude-in-the-face thing and formally apologizes to him. Very compassionately, too.

May 2016

July 2016

August 2016


September 2016

October 2016


November 2016

Tell us what you thought of the first episode.


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Rob Emslie

Very satisfying. A few considered if unsolicited observations:

The staged/overtly scripted bits were better handled than on the last few seasons of Top Gear® IMHO.

Geez, Clarkson is fat. Not judging, so am I. Just thinking they did a better job of hiding it on the BBC.

The heart of Top Gear was the hosts, not the Stig, the Cool Wall, etc

The production values here are as good if not better than on Top Gear®.

I don’t want to hear about “poo coming out” any more.

The celebrity bit was kind of weird, but was paced well.

The first episode made me want to watch the second one, which vastly more than can be said for the Chris Evans Top Gear abomination®.