Experience the Fury of the Isle of Man TT by Watching In Loving Memory Free on YouTube Now

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No race on earth is like the Isle of Man TT. No race will probably be like it ever again. In our safety-obsessed, lawsuit-happy world, the wild annual motorcycle race through the towns on this tiny island in the Irish Sea is an anomaly that few get to witness and even fewer experience. But you can come close by watching the mini-doc In Loving Memory, now free on YouTube.

The film, from Berlin’s Studio Kippenberger and directed by Luke Huxham, has received wide acclaim in the world of film and the world of motoring. Our old friend Wes Siler once called it “probably the most compelling 15 minutes of motorcycling I’ve ever watched.” Previously the film was watchable for a fee on Amazon and Vimeo, but now it’s free on YouTube.

The film is short, but it does a stellar job chronicling several riders who very literally put their lives on the line at one of the world’s deadliest races, blasting through the island at 180 mph. The race is equally famous for its glory as it is for its tragedies, but that’s all part of what makes it such an inimitable part of gearhead culture today.


Admit it. It’s a summer Friday. You aren’t really working. Take a little slice out of your day to check this out, you’ll be glad you did.