Director Luke Huxham was kind enough to send us his latest gorgeous work in 4K, also explaining in detail what it was like to chase a Ferrari F40 up a snowy mountain as the snow chains keep hitting the carbon kevlar wheel wells.

If you haven’t seen Red Bull’s Snow Camp Feat. Ferrari F40 video yet, I suggest starting right there. Like, watch it at least three times in a row, because it’s that great. Today it’s in glorious HD on YouTube as well.

Projects like this always start with a slightly crazy person. In this case, that would be Kimura-san. As McMike pointed out, this high-speed camping trip wasn’t his first rodeo with the F40.

I’ll let Luke take over, taking us behind the scenes:

First filming location was in the tight streets of Tokyo, that also goes for drives ways. Nothing is really built for supercars…Photo : Edward Khoma
Myself and Jonny from America who I flew in as part of our crew. Now days my crew is split between a couple countries, we have some American guys, Japanese guys and our audio designer is based in the UK. Photo : Edward Khoma
We used the Red Dragon for half the filming. Photo : Edward Khoma
Along with Sony mixed with beautiful cine glass. Photo : Edward Khoma
The night before our shoot the owner of the F40 jumped his Lamborghini off a snow kicker, the guy is truly hardcore… Photo : Edward Khoma
Record good audio was a real pain, constantly need to adjust tire chains meant we had to record bits of audio with the studless tyres and overlay it during sections of the film to remove the horrible sound of the chains cutting into the carbon kevlar inner car wheel wells… Photo: Edward Khoma
When you’re directing a project like this you get so caught up trying to stay ahead of the schedule and also playing catch up when things go wrong you rarely get time to just look at what you’re doing. Photo: Edward Khoma
I mean seriously, come on! Photo : Edward Khoma
How do you get tracking shots in backcountry snow in between trees where snowmobiles cant fit? Photo: Edward Khoma
Simple, use the resources you have around you. I piloted this snow sled down a hill while we tracked the car through the forest on the DJI Ronin. Photo: Edward Khoma
Lens porn, simply love this lens from Canon but it’s a pain in the ass to run up and down the mountains with. Photo : Edward Khoma
There have been snow films with cars before but nothing like this. Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
AWD cars don’t even register on the same level. Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
RWD with chains in fresh pack snow is just a mission in itself. Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
Once again, pinching myself… Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
The public bystander were just as surprised to see this running up their slope before the morning ski sessions started… Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi
Kimura-san himself, the owner, driver and all round crazy guy. Photo : Kunihisa Kobayashi

After all, turbos love cold air.


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