It's Dangerous And Terrible But I Sort Of Respect The Kook Who Built His Shitty Boat Trailer With Duct Tape And Pallets

A Canadian driver was pulled over yesterday and hit with over $,1500 U.S. in fines when it was discovered that the trailer being used to haul his pretty large sailboat was made from old pallets, duct tape, and, presumably, some industrial-grade hope. Oh, also, the builder was careful to include no brakes.

Here’s some pics of the full rig, courtesy Abbotsford, British Colombia police twitter:


... and some detail shots:

Wow. Let’s take a look at some of these details in, um, detail:


That pole as a sort of strap tensioner, duct taped in place? The loose boards and whole palettes, just jammed in to keep everything tight? That third axle is home-built, too. This thing has everything.


There’s a spare tire, though! Because, you know, safety first!

Look, yes, this is terrible and dangerous and illegal and whatever, but I can’t help but be sort of impressed that this guy was able to make a working trailer for that boat with, you know, crap. Say what you will, but the thing was carrying a boat.


Now I’m just curious about what the boat itself is like. I bet a sail with this dude must be pretty memorable.

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