You Can Put In An Order For Your Audi E-Tron Soon

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Audi will allow customers to place a $1,000 refundable deposit to order the company’s E-Tron electric SUV when it is unveiled in September, a tried-and-true strategy for cashing in early on electric car hype.


First deliveries of the E-Tron, which will debut on September 17 in San Francisco, should start in early 2019. That’s a more typical debut-to-release timeline than the last car to make headlines with a $1,000 deposit program, Tesla’s Model 3.

The E-Tron crossover will be the first of three all-electric models Audi plans to launch by 2020. At least one of those is likely to be similar to the E-Tron GT that the company teased in March, while the E-Tron Sportback we saw in April could round out the range.

Audi’s also using a new online portal for the owners to track their E-Tron as it’s built, so impatient owners-to-be can watch their baby luxury electric SUV as it comes together. The so-called “digital ecosystem” will be further detailed at the event in September, but I’d expect it to have a lot more to it than purely reservation tracking.

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Kind of a random thought related to this being an Audi, but I wonder how the lack of a combustion engine will affect overall reliability for this, and other electric vehicles. Are Tesla’s “reliable”? What about other mainstream electric vehicles like the Bolt?