We're All Assholes In New York City But A Motorcycle On The Subway Is Taking It Too Far

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For 364 days of the year, New Yorkers curse the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the subway because it is dogshit and prone to filth-waterfalls. But on that one special day, all of the hellish treatment pales in comparison to this one asshole who brought his motorcycle onto the subway.

In a short clip, tweeted by Buzzfeed video producer and writer Dorsey Shaw, you can see that a man has decided to bring his motorcycle (moped?) onto a Bronx-bound 2 train. How he managed to get it down a set of stairs and through the turnstile is beyond me. With the use of elevators and emergency exits, maybe.

Anyway, this man, finding no other place to park his vehicle other than right smack in front of the doors, does so, to the massive chagrin of the Woman In Black.


In typical New York fashion, no words are exchanged, because we New Yorkers have evolved beyond mere words. We do most of our communicating via stink eyes and exasperated hand gestures, as these two clearly demonstrate.


Woman In Black, seeing that there is no way onto the subway car through this particular set of doors, departs, along with a crowd of other hopeful riders. I already hate it when people bring bicycles onto the subway. I might very well have spontaneously combusted with rage if this happened to me.

Over 8 million people live in New York City. Sometimes you have to be a dick to get ahead, I suppose. But then that means you get your selfish mug put on Twitter.


Update, 8:24 p.m.: This post has been clarified to say that Dorsey Shaw tweeted the video, but didn’t upload it. The video appears to have been uploaded here first. That account also noted after this blog was posted that it was shot on Monday.